Zurich lifts dedication to individuals with disabilities


Zurich Insurance Group has joined some of the world’s largest companies to further strengthen its service to people with disabilities.

The company has signed up for the Valuable 500, which puts inclusion at the forefront of companies worldwide.

“Our workforce should reflect the communities in which we operate and serve, and that means we embrace diversity of all kinds,” said Mario Greco, Group CEO. “Joining The Valuable 500 will ensure that inclusion of all employees is on the executive agenda.”

As part of the initiative, Zurich created a global Employee Resource Group for mental and physical wellbeing. The aim is to build a corporate culture that attracts and binds diverse talent, creates awareness of the inclusion of disabilities and recognizes events such as the International Day of People with Disabilities. The focus will be on removing walls and stigmas and creating an environment where people with all health problems feel they can thrive in the organization.

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