Yesterday’s Listening to Was Crypto’s Most Constructive Interplay with the US Authorities, Ever


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Yesterday, the House of Representatives Financial Services Committee held a hearing on the future of digital assets. Shockingly, for almost everyone, the tone was respectful, collegial, and thoughtful, and lawmakers seemed genuinely interested in working towards a better understanding of the industry.

In today’s episode, NLW covers why the hearing felt different, as well as key issues such as the US dollar hegemony and renaming crypto to “Web 3”.

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The Breakdown was written, produced and presented by Nathaniel Whittemore aka NLW, with editing by Rob Mitchell, research by Scott Hill, and additional production support from Eleanor Pahl. Adam B. Levine is our executive producer, and our theme music is Countdown from Neon Beach. The music you heard behind our sponsor today is “Dark Crazed Cap” by Isaac Joel. Photo credit: Stefani Reynolds / Bloomberg / Getty Images, modified by CoinDesk.

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