WTW – renewables market set for “unprecedented progress”


According to global brokerage firm WTW, one market is poised to grow—and that market is renewable energy.

In its annual Renewable Energy Market Review, the company finds that companies are increasingly looking to transition to a low-carbon environment. The rate of growth, it is said, is also leading to increased demand for building resilience to climate change.

“The renewable energy industry is changing at a rate that is difficult to track,” said Graham Knight, Head of Global Natural Resources. “This is reflected in record growth in solar PV and wind capacity additions – beating last year’s record – as well as increasing insurer interest in offshore wind and hydrogen, where synergies in environmental and technology strategies are available. This creates an incredibly complex and rapidly evolving environment for the sector, so it is important that companies understand how to manage not only the pace of growth but also the risks that arise, such as: g. supply chain problems.”

Among the issues outlined in the report is how the renewable energy insurance market will stabilize with price increases in the low to mid single digits. Some of the key challenges highlighted are the pace of technological change, aging equipment, operations and maintenance, and contractor experience and natural disaster risk.

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