Willis Towers Watson establishes new partnership with Polecat Intelligence


Willis Towers Watson (WTW) has partnered with social business intelligence and data analytics company Polecat Intelligence to help companies tackle increasingly complex risks.

Through the partnership, both companies will develop insurance solutions that will help companies respond to the rapidly changing challenges they are now facing. Polecat’s data is specifically used to support WTW solutions in areas such as life sciences, reputational and product recall risk, and D&O. The data is derived from unstructured data processed by Polecat’s artificial intelligence and machine learning.

“Partnering with Polecat enables Willis Towers Watson to provide customers with real-time insights into public opinion through social media analytics,” said Garret Gaughan, head of WTW’s P&C hub for global markets. “By working with a partner who can analyze unstructured data in real time, we can design and implement risk mitigation mechanisms for our customers.”

“Polecat provides corporate boards and executive teams with foresight to make better decisions about emerging risks and opportunities,” said James Lawn, Co-CEO of Polecat.

Lawn added that corporate boards and executive teams are looking for insurance and technology to help them manage their risks – and Polecat’s partnership with WTW makes it possible.

“The partnership between Willis Towers Watson and Polecat signals a new generation of innovative risk management solutions that combine AI-powered data analysis, advice and insurance in one place,” said John Ludlow, CEO of Airmic.

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