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What’s FR-44 Insurance coverage? | The Easy Greenback


Actions have consequences – especially when you get behind the wheel.

If you do a little fender bender, you will likely just end up with an insurance headache, but more serious crimes have more serious implications. In particular, if you are caught driving with a suspended driver’s license or quoted with a DUI, you may be ordered by a court to file a specific document on your behalf.

In most states this is referred to as SR-22. It’s a document that your insurer will submit to the state to prove that you have adequate liability insurance to mitigate the high risk you pose while traveling. However, if you are committing a serious criminal offense in Florida or Virginia, you may be required to present another Financial Responsibility Certificate (CFR) called FR-44.

What is FR-44 insurance? And how do you get it when your state tells you to? Floridians and Virginians need to know.

What is FR-44 insurance?

FR-44 insurance is not a separate insurance policy or type of cover. Instead, a document will be submitted to your state proving that you have adequate liability insurance. Your insurer will submit it on your behalf and show your state’s driving authority that you have sufficient amounts of required liability insurance.

As a quick refresher on car insurance, liability insurance is activated if you cause damage while on the move. Most states require two types of liability insurance: coverage for any personal injury you cause, and coverage for property damage.

If you need an FR-44, you must have more of both types of liability insurance than other drivers in your state. This is how your state ensures that you are not at great risk when you are back behind the wheel. With a submitted FR-44, prove that you have adequate insurance to protect others.

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All of this is not to say that Virginia and Florida don’t have an SR-22. They do – but they use FR-44 for their highest risk drivers. FR-44 have higher liability insurance requirements than SR-22.

Who Needs FR-44 Insurance and Why?

If you live in Florida or Virginia, you may need to purchase an FR-44 if you commit a serious driving behavior violation such as driving a car.

  • A DWI / DUI
  • Driving without insurance
  • Driving with a driver’s license suspended

You may find out in court that you need a FR-44 to hear about your driving injury. Alternatively, you can have a letter sent to your home stating that you now need FR-44 insurance.

Long story short, if you’ve messed up a lot behind the wheel, pay attention. You will likely need to get more liability insurance. And if you need a FR-44, don’t wait. Talk to your insurer immediately.

Most insurers offer FR-44. If this doesn’t happen for you, you’ll need to switch to one that does. Make sure you have adequate liability insurance to meet the limits required now (more on that later), and that your new insurer will submit the FR-44 for you as soon as possible.

What if i don’t own a car?

If you committed your violation while driving someone else’s car, or if you sold your car afterwards, you may be covered by FR-44 coverage.

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In this case, it is best to get car insurance without an owner. This is liability insurance that covers the risk of you driving someone else’s vehicle and causing property damage or injuring someone.

Getting an FR-44 with non-owner car insurance can be difficult. Not all insurers offer non-owner auto insurance, and not all insurers file FR-44. You can use our list of the best non-owner car insurance to explore your options.

On the positive side, FR-44 insurance for non-owners is generally much cheaper than standard FR-44 car insurance.

What does FR-44 insurance cost?

There is good news and bad news here.

The good news is that the current FR-44 is very affordable. Generally speaking, to file the FR-44 for you, you’ll pay a flat fee of $ 15-25 to your insurer.

The bad news is that once you need an FR-44, all insurers see you as a high risk driver. And that means more expensive car insurance.

The exact amount you pay depends on your overall driving history, the vehicle you drive, your annual mileage and much more. However, if you do need an FR-44, based on your history of serious driving behavior violations, you can expect to pay twice (or even more) as much as the average driver. For example, we’ve found that drivers with a DUI see an average rate increase of 79% once their insurer learns of the violation.

If you need an FR-44, expect to pay significantly more for your car insurance than for your neighbors.

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Does the FR-44 insurance need more coverage?

Yes. This is exactly what a FR-44 is all about.

Here are the minimum coverage for an FR-44:

  • FR-44 Insurance Florida Requirements: $ 100,000 personal injury liability insurance per person, $ 300,000 personal injury insurance per accident, and $ 50,000 property damage liability insurance
  • FR-44 Insurance Virginia Requirements: $ 50,000 personal injury liability insurance per person, $ 100,000 personal injury liability insurance per accident, and $ 40,000 property damage liability insurance

These limits are steep. Compare it to what all Florida drivers need: just $ 10,000 personal injury coverage (so-called personal protection) [PIP] in this case) and $ 10,000 liability insurance for property damage.

Even more amazing, you can compare these limits to the SR-22 requirements in Virginia. Virginians who require an FR-44 need to get twice as much liability insurance as Virginians who need an SR-22.

FR-44 insurance vs. SR-22 insurance

FR-44 and SR-22 are the same in many ways: They are both certificates of financial responsibility. They are both required by the state after a severe driving ban. Both are submitted by your insurer to prove that you have sufficient liability insurance to meet the additional liability limits that you are now subject to.

But there are also some big differences. For starters, every state uses SR-22, while only Florida and Virginia can find FR-44 coverage. More importantly, FR-44 have much higher liability insurance requirements than SR-22.

Too long, not read?

After a serious criminal offense like a DUI or a driver’s license with suspension, your insurer may need to submit a financial responsibility certificate on your behalf. In most states, these forms are referred to as SR-22. While Florida and Virginia have SR-22, they also have FR-44 for more serious driving behavior violations. If you need an FR-44, you must have significantly higher liability insurance than the average driver in your state.

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