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What January’s market decline means for inventory returns in 2021



January Predictor hits the headlines but says little about the direction of the US market. See full story.

SEC promises to punish “abusive activity” amid GameStop, Robinhood drama

See full story.

Why Facebook is considering an antitrust lawsuit against Apple

Facebook Inc. and Apple Inc. are on the verge of a widespread legal battle, and the social media giant is heavily considering a lawsuit that could ultimately sway antitrust investigators. See full story.

“The risks for these retail investors are higher”: Former GameStop employees are divided over the stock’s epic ride

‘I have since worked at other companies that have provided stock buying and active information about our market inclinations. I don’t get any of that at GameStop. ‘See full story.

Hopes for vaccines have been bolstered by data from Novavax and J&J, but fears about new variants remain

The global case record for the coronavirus-borne disease, COVID-19, increased to 102 million on Friday as health professionals digested the latest vaccine updates from Novavax Inc. and Johnson & Johnson in hopes of emergency clearances and supplies soon improve. See full story.


“It just seems a little tough that all I can do is have the house that I live in and not sell when I need the money for future medical expenses. He controls his money a lot. ‘See full story.

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