What Is Journey Insurance coverage on a Credit score Card?  


Flight bookings are now easier and more convenient thanks to credit cards. For some people, their plastics even serve as protection against travel accidents that they might encounter on the way. You read that right. There are credit cards with free travel insurance when used to pay for flight purchases. Credit card travel insurance offers various benefits depending on how you booked the trip.

The specific type of credit card you have also affects the coverage you can get. For this reason, it is important to know what insurance is on a credit card and why it is a must for today’s jet setters.

How can you get free travel insurance for a credit card?

There are certain credit cards that offer free travel insurance as one of their inherent features. The cardholder who uses their credit card to purchase travel tickets is automatically protected. If you want to use the function, always ask the bank agent before applying. There are also basic credit cards that offer travel insurance based on what the issuing bank offers.

What does travel insurance cover for a credit card?

Travel insurance for a credit card is often limited, so you get less or more coverage. There are times when additional cardholders can take advantage of this feature. Here are some of the things that are often covered by credit card travel insurance:

It’s all too easy to forget your luggage or drop your precious laptop while traveling. Don’t worry anymore as there are banks that offer coverage for damaged lost items for a certain amount for every item you declare before you travel.

No traveler wants to experience flight delays. Sometimes planes don’t depart on schedule due to weather, engine failure, and other unexpected events. Airlines may ask you to stay at the airport while you wait for further announcements. Credit card travel insurance can make up for delays.

Banks or credit card companies bear the cost of personal injury or property damage caused by accidents during the trip. This coverage has an average payback that depends on the type of credit card you have.

  • Reimbursement of medical expenses

Emergency Medical Reimbursements will reimburse all hospitalization and medication costs during your trip. This form of coverage applies to accidents and illnesses that can endanger your health. The credit card issuer is responsible for paying medical fees, hospital costs, ambulance, and other incurred costs.

Travel insurance for credit cards provides coverage from the moment you book your flight. With travel cancellation insurance, you will receive a 100% reimbursement of flight costs for various reasons:

  1. Severe weather conditions make it impossible to arrive at your destination safely.
  2. Your travel destination is exposed to terrorist threats.
  3. Your family member or travel companion has suffered from illness, injury, or death.
  4. You have suffered from illness, injury, or death.

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