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Trump reportedly plans to difficulty round 100 pardons Tuesday


According to reports from Sunday evening, President Donald Trump plans to pardon or commute the sentences of around 100 people on Tuesday.

CNN first reported on the plans, saying White House officials met on Sunday evening to finalize the list. Axios confirmed the report separately.

According to reports, the actions allegedly involved white-collar criminals and political allies, as well as some reform-oriented pardons. But CNN said Trump is not expected to forgive himself.

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CNN reported that Tuesday’s pardons are expected to be all that is to come, save for a short-term change of heart that sees Trump break the plan and apologize to himself or family members.

Advisors have warned Trump against pardoning himself because it would imply guilt, reported CNN, and they have also recommended against any mercy for all Capitol rioters.

Trump has already pardoned a number of political allies convicted of various crimes, including Roger Stone, Michael Flynn and Paul Manafort.

Trump can issue pardons until the official end of his term – on Wednesday noon.

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