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Is Direct Indexing Really the Next Big Thing?

Direct indexing doesn’t make much sense for retirees Read More

The ETF star of the year 2020 from ARK Investments does “a lot of soul searching”

Cathie Wood told Bloomberg TV that she has faced challenges in the past few weeks when her suite of technology-driven ETFs passed out. Continue reading

Looking for the next meme share? These 10 have the three most important ingredients to make the jump

New research suggests that long-term investors are jumping off meme stocks early. Continue reading

Here’s a list of preferred dividend stocks with scope to pay more for investors worried about 2022

These companies have air to breathe as the Federal Reserve prepares to tighten monetary policy. Continue reading

These 6 overvalued stocks make the S&P 500 seem more expensive than it really is

Why Apple, Amazon and other big tech heavyweights won’t be the big market winners of the 2020s. Continue reading

If the S&P 500 fails to make new highs, prepare for new sales

How to trade on the stock exchange now. Continue reading

‘When should I sell Amazon?’ These pro tips can help you drop your stock market favorites

A three step strategy for making objective, rational trading decisions. Continue reading

Stocks will face competition from blockchain-based DAOs in the near future

They are powered by cryptocurrencies. Continue reading

A boost in sales could make this industry your best stock market game for 2022

For many industries, year-to-year comparisons in 2022 will not look good. But there will likely be one major exception. Continue reading

The split between the US and China puts US publicly traded Chinese stocks up against a great wall – and investors will pay a price

The Securities and Exchange Commission is making it harder for Chinese companies – and their US shareholders. Continue reading

Twitter took this shareholder-friendly move after Jack Dorsey stepped down as CEO. Here’s why it just might work.

Companies tend to do well for their stocks when they appoint a CEO from the company. Continue reading

When Vanguard ventures into private equity, some fans get queasy

Critics say it won’t help retail investors; Vanguard says Jack Bogle would agree. Continue reading

This surprising investment strategy destroys the stock market without examining a single financial metric

My portfolio has developed so well because the market underestimates the economic power of customer love. Continue reading

‘You never see a U-Haul behind a hearse.’ A chance encounter with Rick Warren turns an unhappy accountant into a determined financial advisor

Follow a pastor’s advice to make greater impact by doing something meaningful. Continue reading

Get to know the business insiders whose main job is to make sure the money you invest is properly managed

The chief executive of the board of directors is a company’s shareholders – not management. Continue reading

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