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“What is one thing you are struggling with in your business?”

That question was asked in our Facebook community, and it got a lot of responses, so, on this week’s Podcast, I walk through solutions to some of the most common struggles you might face with your Credit Repair business!

No matter what the topic is, whether it’s specific to Credit Repair or general entrepreneurship, I love answering questions!

And not too long ago, a question was posted in our community that got a lot of responses and follow-ups. Chelsea Renee Snatiz wrote: “As a Credit Repair Specialist what is 1 thing you are struggling with in your business?”

And today, I’m going to walk through solutions to some of the most talked about struggles.

The first comment came from Jade, who said she struggled with “Dedicated time for self; turning off work mode or having everything feel like a task/job. Mom of 3 including a one-year-old with an office in the house.”

Now, I can’t speak to being a mom or how to handle balancing your business with your children. I don’t have any kids. I just have a girlfriend and a dog.

I will say I was glad to see other Credit Heroes, who do have kids, offering their support and insight into that part.

But regarding “time for yourself and turning off work mode,” THAT I can relate. I can tell you this struggle is universal for entrepreneurs. We all face it to a degree.

Finding a work-life balance is hard enough when you have a 9 to 5 job but when you’re an entrepreneur, and you work from home, it’s even harder.

I did an episode a few months ago that focused on The Truth About Working From Home

and the hardest downside to deal with is that you can feel like you’re ALWAYS at work.

I recommend you choose a specific time or a specific place in your home that you can dedicate to work. Maybe you convert a closet, a shed, or your garage into a workspace. Maybe you establish a specific time of day or night when someone else can watch the kids and then dedicate it to your business.

The important thing is to create a work area where you can go into business mode, and more importantly, when you’re done with work, leave from that area and no longer be in business mode.

If the balance is really off, take it a step further and shut off your devices and mute notifications when you’re not working. Don’t allow yourself to eat at your desk. Be disciplined. Especially if your time is limited, make your dedicated workspace a NOTHING BUT WORK space. That way, the only thing you have to do to shut off work mode is walk away from it.

I hope this helped Jade.

The next struggle came from Chelsea. She said…Mine is time management and with a consultation. I’m constantly always going over 30 minutes consult.”

When it comes to a consultation, there are many little things that can help your process. First, you can schedule clients with a program like Calendly, where you can set the specific parameters for the meeting before it begins, and It helps establish boundaries.

You can ask clients to fill out answers to basic questions beforehand (either online or in person (if you have a brick-and-mortar business), that way, you can prep the clients and review answers quickly when the meeting begins.

During the meeting itself, you can set up a silent timer to go off at around the 25-minute mark to tip you off and begin your wrap-up sales pitch.

You should also have some type of script prepared for the meeting. A basic introduction, key questions that need to be answered, and closing remarks that lock them in as a client or let them know you’ll get back to them soon. Remember, these meetings are two-way interviews where you need to decide if you want this person as a client.

With regards to basic time management, making schedule other To Do Lists are very effective.

Write up a DAILY To Do List and a DAILY Schedule. Break your schedule down by the hour or by half hour. You’ll be amazed at what you can get done and how organized you’ll be when you strategize your time.

Once you write your DAILY To Do List and Schedule, write the rest of your week. Then write a general To Do List for the rest of the month. These time management techniques assist you in goal setting, holding yourself accountable, AND goal accomplishment.

And I don’t know about you, but each time I check off something on my To Do List, I get happy.

Psychologists say it’s a way you can naturally release dopamine in your brain. I don’t know if that’s true, but it sure does feel good.

One tool some of my team members use to stay focused and organize their day is the Pomodoro Technique. The Pomodoro Technique is a fancy name for a time management system that encourages people to break the workday into 30-minute chunks.

The idea is to choose a task, focus on that task, work at it for 25 minutes straight, which is supposedly the optimal amount of time people focus, then change your focus for a 5-minute break. It doesn’t matter what you focus on during those 5 minutes. It just has to be a different thing.

Now, this may not work for everyone, but it works for some people who really need to police themselves or have time management issues. There are already several apps available online that provide Pomodoro Technique timers so you can break your day into these 30-minute chunks.

If any of you have additional Time Management techniques or tricks, drop yours in the comments below!

And along the same lines of the time management issue, Shauntai said she struggles Being consistent with doing my content videos.”

Well Shauntai, I would recommend building a content schedule. I have several. I have them for social media and podcasts, and ads. It helps me stay organized about what I want to say and when I want to say it.

If there’s an issue with you not having a lot of free time to post every day, try organizing the time you do have into content creation, then schedule the content throughout the week. For example, maybe you have 5 hours of free time on Sundays make that your content creation block where you shoot several videos, and then schedule them to drop throughout the week.

Then as the week progresses, you can jot down new ideas throughout, and on Sunday, shoot the next batch of videos and schedule them.

If your style of posting isn’t evergreen (meaning you need to post them fresh daily), then you need to block out a small section of your day for content brainstorming and content creation. Don’t overlook the time factor here. Content creation is hard work. The only people who think it’s easy don’t do it. trust me

You need to make content creation a priority and a habit, just like the development of any other skill.

I hope this helps you Shauntai!

Next up, Collin said he struggled with finding “The best company to process my merchant account.”

Well, Collin, in my Free Guide to Getting Paid at Credit RepairI explain which merchant account providers and processors to use.

Now, we had a few people mention they struggled “Removing Late Payments” and “Removing a bankruptcy.”

If your situation goes beyond the Factual Disputing process, we recently rereleased Bruce Politano’s Top Seven Secret Disputing Strategiesand that episode includes both Removing Late Payments and Removing Bankruptcies.

So I recommend checking that episode out if you want to learn how to remove both.

The last and most commonly mentioned struggles were “Getting Clients” and “Getting Leads.”

Some commenters went into detail about how they knew what their problem was. A few hated public speaking, and one person said they needed to clean up their personal social media pages to present themselves in a better light to potential clients.

I have to say, as hard as it is to overcome problems like public speaking and updating your image if you know exactly what you need to improve, that’s a fantastic position to be in!

You know the problem, and you can work to solve it!

Businesses really struggle when they don’t know what you’re doing wrong or won’t admit that what they’re doing isn’t working.

When it comes to public speaking, the only cure is to public speak. You have to practice and get better or partner with someone who will be the voice and face of your company. Those are pretty much your only options.

The shyness and stage fright might never go away, but you can grow more comfortable with those feelings. believe me I’m still dealing with them.

When it comes to cleaning up your personal social media profiles, it’s on a case-by-case basis. You always want to appear professional and trustworthy, but beyond that, you still want to be yourself. Otherwise, you won’t appear authentic.

I would actually recommend that everyone struggling with leads should create a business plan, and it should include a customer profile. Figure out who you’re trying to target.

When you have a good sense of the people you’re trying to speak to, you will know how you should present yourself.

For example, if you’re trying to target Vegans, you probably shouldn’t mention you make a delicious Three Meat Chili.

So, study your target and use your best judgment.

If you’re struggling with finding clients and getting leads but don’t know your specific issue, I have good news and bad news.

The bad news is: Entrepreneurship is a game of finding clients and getting leads. This problem isn’t going away. You need to determine what you’re doing wrong in order to overcome the struggles.

The good news is: Credit Repair sells itself.

Customers are looking for you!

You aren’t trying to convince anyone to buy a hotdog or a pair of blue jeans.

You are providing a necessary service. It just happens to be a financial one.

When you choose a doctor or a mechanic, you want them to be competent, compassionate, and close to you.

Whether you pound the pavement, use social media, or leverage your social groups, just make sure your potential clients know you are there to help them heal financially and achieve their dreams.

I’ll end by saying…

If you don’t already have a Credit Repair Cloud account, check it out. It’s the software that most Credit Repair businesses in America run on. Just sign up for a 30-Day Free Trial at

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It’s an amazing program where you’ll learn the processes that have made millionaires, and it costs less than you’ll spend taking your family to McDonald’s for dinner.

We’ve got another challenge starting in a few days, so grab your spot right now at!

Until then, remember, keep the facts on your side…

And keep changing lives!

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