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The Greatest Finance Sources of 2021


The Simple Dollar has been providing personal finance solutions and advice since 2006 and is back with our annual awards for 2021. Here are our top tips for that best funding resources For the new Year.

Best Personal Finance Blog: One Big Happy Family

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With over 130,000 subscribers on its YouTube channel, One Big Happy Family offers its followers a website with tips on building a meaningful life on a small budget. The website’s creators, Tasha and Joseph Cochran, were inspired to share their knowledge after making bold career changes while tackling everything from mortgage payments to college funds for their children. You will also find personalized tools, including a Financial Freedom Blueprint and Wealth Manifesto, to help you achieve financial independence.

Best virtual conference: EMERGE

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As part of the Financial Health Network, the EMERGE conference connects leaders and innovators from diverse industries such as banking and credit unions to look at the finances of consumers and, ultimately, their customers differently. The work that the EMERGE Forum has been doing for the past 15 years has focused on building better financial systems so people are financially resilient and able to thrive. The December conference came at a crucial time for companies looking to understand consumer financial health amid Covid-19. Attendees can learn about better approaches to product development, lending, savings, and credit management.

Best Personal Finance Course: Khan’s Academy Personal Finance Courses

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We all know that education is a unique asset – especially when it benefits our finances. Khan Academy takes advantage of this by offering various lectures on topics such as taxes, tuition fees, and even managing car payments. If you’re not interested in doing a manual Google research with questions about debt, savings, or housing, Khan Academy’s personal finance courses are your best option. In addition, all lectures in their “Personal Finance” category are free. Shall we say more?

Best Finance Youtube Channel: Debt Free Millennials

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When hostess Justine Nelson repaid $ 35,000 on student loans with an income of $ 37,000 in two and a half years, she felt motivated to share her advice with people who were in a similar situation. Her channel has gained over 25,000 subscribers and features videos detailing how to reduce debt and topics such as self-employment, student loan refinancing and investing.

Best Financial Advisor: Personal Capital

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When it comes to wealth management, Personal Capital is our first choice. The app’s business model is based on the sale of objective investment advice to users when they link one or more bank and investment accounts. If you are new to investing, this app is a perfect starting point to control individual stock purchases. The benefits Personal Capital offers include a portfolio tracker, cash flow function, and comprehensive financial planning service to make it easier to manage your personal finances. And while you have to pay fees (some wealth management services), the app itself is free.

Best financial tool for beginners: Mvelopes

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If you like to put money into folders to better keep track of your budget, there is always software available for that – in case you find that the folder system is a little out of date. With Mvelopes, you can manage your budget and cash flow easily and free of charge, and finance digital envelopes that are already separated by categories. It also gives you a clear financial picture of how much money is being spent on each folder. For those willing to invest more, the software offers a community forum and one-on-one coaching sessions from $ 6 per month.

Best all-in-one banking tool: Empower

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Empower, an online banking and budgeting app, has a lot to offer. We love that it allows you to link all of your financial accounts on your phone and receive up to $ 250 in cash. None of these benefits require sneaky fees or a credit check. When you download this app you can set weekly savings goals and let Empower create a strategy to achieve it. Another benefit that we really like is that you earn interest on your savings when you make a direct deposit. The app has a $ 8 monthly fee, but it’s not every day you can find an app that does pretty much everything for you.

Best personal management software: Buxfer

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We love simple budgets – that’s why we selected Buxfer as the best software for those who don’t want to spend time budgeting apps. For those who need a better overview of household finances, this software allows you to use tags. Hello categories! Suppose you want to keep track of multiple expense accounts. In this case, with Buxfer you can set a spending limit weekly, monthly or yearly and adjust the budget with the help of individual tags in order to reduce unwanted expenses. The software starts at $ 3.99 per month and you can enjoy a free trial.

Best financial management software for business: Quickbooks

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You have probably heard of this choice before. Quickbooks is a popular name in accounting for one reason: the reporting software is easy to use and comprehensive enough for small businesses looking for reliability. The latest version of Quickbooks includes automatic payment reminders and a tool to consolidate multiple invoices into one email. Quickbooks prices start at $ 399 per month per user. If we’ve piqued your curiosity, try a free trial.

Best Financial Knowledge Website for Kids: Practical Money Skills

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Practical money skills provide the fundamentals of money management for children of all ages. The website is packed with insightful tips and uses familiar media such as video games, comics, and apps to ensure the lessons remain fun and engaging. For example, Peter Pig’s Money Counter is a game that kids ages 5 to 8 can use to practice counting and saving. For parents interested in free materials, the website has a section with downloadable literacy tools, including classroom modules, games, and brochures.


To determine the winners of the second annual The Simple Dollar Awards, our editorial team examined all of the major brands and options in each category and rated them based on the following characteristics:

  1. Affordability – We looked for the most cost-effective solutions on the market. That doesn’t always mean the absolute cheapest, but takes into account how much money you get for your buck.
  2. trustworthiness – We compared customer satisfaction scores wherever we could find them including Trustpilot.
  3. innovation – We have prioritized products and services with unique features that separate them from the field.

For more information on the Simple Dollar Awards, please contact Ivey O’Neal at

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