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Hey, Credit Heroes. So like I mentioned on last week’s show, I’m standing here at our Credit Repair Cloud Headquarters, and I’m here in front of our Wall of Millionaires. All these 40 people behind me, they have each made over a million dollars in their Credit Repair Cloud. These are all people who had a credit issue of their own. They learn how to fix their credit, then they started helping family and friends. And then they turned it into a business. And now they are millionaires up here on our Wall. Isn’t that amazing? And a while back to celebrate our Credit Repair Cloud users processing over $100 million. We threw this big party online, and we did a big live training with me and Corey Gray and Kenan Jones. And we answered questions live, and hundreds of people were there online watching and participating. And it was so awesome. And we gave away so many industry secrets, and answered so many questions about the ins and the outs of advanced disputing, removing bankruptcies and other difficult items, starting a credit repair business from nothing, and marketing and cool automations that you can create to grow your business even faster. It was incredible. And I thought, wow, I need to share all these amazing secrets with all of you. So that’s what I’ve done. Since that live training was so long, I decided to split it up into three different parts. So on part one, credit repair expert, Corey gray answered all your top credit repair questions, he dropped a ton of gold on things like how to remove the most difficult items like repos and bankruptcies, inquiries, charge-offs, and more. And then on the second part, I shared with you how to bootstrap a multi-million dollar business from nothing, just like I have here at Credit Repair Cloud. And just like all of our millionaires here behind me have so on today’s episode, we are going to drop even more gold because of Keenan Jones, our Vice President of innovation and growth. He is a marketing expert. He is an automation expert, and he is going to guide you through the ins and the outs of scaling your business through marketing and automations. So you can get more clients, and so that you can generate revenue, even while you sleep. So stick around.

So the big question is this, how can we take our passion for helping people with their credit and turn it into a successful business without taking loans without spending a fortune by bootstrapping it from nothing, so we can help the most people and still become highly profitable? That is the question, and this podcast will give you the answer. My name is Daniel Rosen, and welcome to Credit Repair Business Secrets.

Okay, before we dive in here on this training, make sure that you click the link in the description below to gain access to my free 20 page cheat sheet. It’s a whole book that I created with all the info from this free training. So be sure to click to download it. It’s really awesome. And it’s going to help you a lot. Okay, so here is part three of the live training with Kenan Jones. Did you like that hit like or love hit like or love. Okay, we’re now we’re going to move on to Keenan and Keenan. Again, he is our Kenan is a great example of people moving up. Kenan was employee number one. He helped me with support tickets. He was in high school. He’s worked his way all the way up to Vice President. Okay, we move people up here. When you have your team you’re going to want to move them up to so Pina now is a fancy title. He’s now our VP of innovation and growth is our marketing and automations expert at Brett repair of cloud and he is going to share with you all of his secrets so that you can use them to grow your business. Okay, so if you’re excited to hear how to do this, give me a hashtag go Kenan. Or like in love. Okay. Okay, Keenan, are you ready? Ready to go?

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Okay, So question number one comes from cottage odd Jackson, who asks, How can I get realtors and card salesmen Give me leads for free. Should I knock on people’s doors? Yeah, so

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great question. So I want to preface this by talking about knocking on people’s doors. I mean, really just get started with that. With us with even just a story of a time when there was a door to door salesperson in my area in my neighborhood. There was about a year ago, there was a door to door salesperson that came to my neighborhood, they were selling fiber Internet, and they’re going door to door trying to upgrade everyone in the neighborhood. I ended up switching to that service. But the point of the story is that at the very end, when that person was going door to door, knocking door to door, ask them, Hey, you’re doing this all day long? How many people do you actually sell going door to door. And what really surprised me was that they were only selling about one to two people for every 100 houses that they were going to. And for hours of work of going door to door and talking to a lot of people. So the point of the story is not that I took this deal and worked with that company, but that that door, the door can be a lot of work and a lot of effort with a little overboard. And to go into your question about affiliates, and how to how do you really go about getting realtors and car salesmen? I would start we have a couple of great resources of different interviews that Daniels done on his podcasts. If you Google five steps to turning credit repair affiliates into active business partners, you’ll find a great blog article on our blog. And also, if you search for credit repair business secrets, Bruce petanu, on on Google, you’ll find a podcast that Daniel did with him, which also talks more about getting affiliate partnerships. But affiliate partnerships can be super felt powerful, because instead of you having to try to randomly find customers, you’ll be receiving people who are already in pain, who are just rejected for a purchase with a different product or service they’re trying to get and they’re really motivated to improve their credit. So I really encourage you to look at those articles and check those out. But as Daniel was saying in earlier, in this, I just want to give a kind of a quick process to really getting these first affiliates, if you’re thinking about, Hey, this is how I want to grow my business. And I’m excited, I want to get some affiliates. So this is the kind of a quick three step process that I’d go through for it. First, make sure you have your solid foundation down. Before you start reaching out to affiliates, make sure you’ve really mastered your craft. We talked about that a lot here. But make sure you mastered your craft. Make sure you have a few case studies with family and friends. Like Daniel said earlier, make sure you have a couple people that you’ve really gotten results for. And make sure that you have that solid foundation. And imagine if you’re going from affiliate to affiliate, and you walk into their office or you’re talking with them on the phone. Imagine the sales pitch being very different when you say, Hey, I don’t have any experience. Please trust me that I won’t hurt your relationships with your customers. Just please trust me, I’m going to do a great job. versus if you walk into an affiliate conversation, maybe it’s over the phone or in person. And you tell them hey look, I love to work with you look at look at all these customers that I’ve helped get into their dream home or dream car. Let’s work together, it’s gonna be a lot stronger sales pitch if you have that foundation in place where you start to build some solid testimonials and solid results. Now once you have that solid foundation, make a plan to start reaching out to affiliates. Again, those podcast episodes are really good. I know. Jose, at our last conference talked about how he was the mayor of his town and he really just went around and made sure everyone knew his name. But I would focus at the step of

of really building a plan. So if you want to find a bunch of realtors or auto dealers, just start making a list, go on Yelp and go on some other service directories Start making a list of names, phone numbers, offices, you could visit, prepare some business cards, prepare some flyers, that you could potentially hand to that affiliate, and it makes you look super prepared and ready to go. If you’re meeting with them in person, and go out that way, many realtors and other dealers are turning away buyers all day long because of their bad credit. And they’re doing I hear this all the time that they’re doing nothing with those leads. And when the credit repair company partners with them, they’re actually able to start doing something. So the key is pitching them on what they want. So for your specific question, realtors might be more motivated on building relationships with clients. So they’re going to care about the service that you provide, is more personable, that you’re really caring to coach their client through the process, and makes and so you’re in that pitch gonna need to make sure that you convey that if you’re working with an auto dealer, for example, they they’re in a much quicker sales environment. So they might care about getting a little bit of extra commission with, with you making that partnership with them. And, and they might be more, they’re going to be more motivated to be really reassured that you’re going to send that client back to them. Once you’ve repaired their credit, well, for any type of affiliate there, you’re going to want to emphasize that you’re going to send that client back to them. Because they don’t want to send the client to you in a black hole hope and pray that you’re going to send it back to them so they can sell the supplement to their dream home or sell them into their dream car. So really emphasizing what this affiliate wants is going to be important. But getting affiliates doesn’t have to be complicated. Just remember, focus on your foundations. So get those first few results, testimonials. Get some results so that you when you’re going to those affiliates, you can feel confident master your craft. And those results that you get with those first few test clients or people you work with are going to do a lot of the selling when you’re pitching those affiliates.

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Awesome. Ready for another question? Ready to go to like that answer you guys hit like or love if you like that, or a go Kenan? Okay, this question comes from my friend, Gazelle cifuentes in Los Angeles, and she asks, How does automation help credit repair? And what systems do you recommend? Great question.

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So automation is a word that is I feel like tossed around in our community a lot. There’s a lot of people saying I want automation, or what is automations I hope I can clarify that a little bit here and shed a little light on it. But if you’re really looking to scale your business automation is your friend, it’s kind of you can create different systems to make it like you have an automated employee working for you that you that you’re not paying an hourly rate, it could really help you scale your business. But however, in order for to make automation work for you, you need to map out a few processes in your business to really need automation. Many startup entrepreneurs do a lot of things that are unscalable, you might be in the process of getting your business started. To get your business started, you might be wearing a lot of hats. I know in the early days, when I was working for credit for cloud, I was wearing a lot of hats for different departments. So you might for you exam, for example, when you’re starting your business or if you’re getting started now, you might have been doing a lot of client consultations, client onboarding, serving clients doing the marketing, the list could go on, you’re wearing a lot of hats. Now while hustling at the start of your business, may allow you to get your business off the ground and really have that bootstrapper mindset of saving a lot of money and also crush you when you’re scaling your business and serving more people. So here’s a framework of how some of the most successful courier companies automate a lot of their tasks. So it’s very, very simple framework. So first, is really just setting up a Zapier account. Zapier, which is what we recommend to get started with automations makes it really easy to automate a lot of work of online web applications. As you grow your business. You’ll likely need a lot of different software applications to run that business. And that’s where Zapier really comes into play. Because it makes it really easy where if something happens in one application, you can trigger some thing to happen in another application. So it can help you quickly automate tedious tasks that may take you a lot of time and effort. So, you might be thinking, what can I automate my credit repair business. So all credit repair businesses follow a similar flow. So I’ll give you kind of a few examples of what I’ve seen other credit repair millionaires or some of our bigger customers do and, and all credit repair is a is a service business, you’re working one on one with clients to help them repair their credit. So this flow should be very similar to you to. So for example, when instead of manually messaging or talking to clients to schedule consultations, or scheduled follow up appointments, you could set up a online calendar system like calendly. And with Zapier, you can automatically add those consultation appointments as leads with their first name, last name and email address directly into credit per cloud when they book in calendly, which could save you a lot of time of back and forth booking with that client, and a lot of data entry of getting them into credit for cloud. I know a lot of our big customers, they’re not as you as you scale your business, you’re not going to have time to take phone calls or manually message back and forth to schedule a consultation or a follow up call with with your prospects. So installing a system where you get some automated calendar, but then it sinks into credit per cloud and can save you a lot of time. Now, now when you’ve already had your first client consultation, but maybe they don’t turn into a customer, you could set up a automation where if

if someone has a consultation with you, then they get added to an email marketing software, like Active Campaign, which works really well in the credit repair space. So even if this person wasn’t ready to start buying your services, you could remind them every day and every week that they should come back and get your services. This would be as simple as maybe someone schedules a consultation, and then they didn’t become a client, you could set up a zap to put them into an automated workflow in Active Campaign. And think about if you’ve ever maybe signed up for someone’s newsletter, or maybe signed up for a consultation call for any company and then they’re following up with you every week, this will be a similar thing. It’s just free reminding people of the value that you have. And eventually, that customer might buy down the line a few weeks or a few months down the line, and eventually might sign up. If you want to automate your onboarding and keeping in touch with your clients, you could also set up a zap for that as well. So if someone becomes a customer in credit per cloud, like you add their first name, last name, email, and they become a customer in credit repair cloud, you could set up a automated, Active Campaign sequence that sends this customer texts and emails, letting them know where to sign up for credit monitoring, letting them know some tips and tricks of don’t apply for too many credit cards. Make sure you’re paying down your balances all those tricks and tips that are outside of credit repair. But that still helps them maintain credit, you could provide additional value as that customer is onboarding with you. And and talking with some of our bigger customers to Derek Harper is one of them that he’s helped consult and build automation systems for a lot of our big customers. And he’s even told me that just even adding a additional touch point sequence to their customers, they were adding an extra month or two of lifetime value. Basically someone on average, a customer would keep service for another one or two months. By having that touch sequence, which is at the end of the day is is adding up to a lot of money that you could be generating in your business and at the end of the day helping your customer. So these are just a few examples of how you can automate things. I encourage if you’re interested in trying to figure these things out, like again, get a pre Zapier account, start playing with it, start connecting a few different apps, you’ll they have a lot of great tutorials. But as you can imagine, as your business grows, the possibilities of what you can automate are endless. It just takes a lot of a lot of imagination of what your your current processes, like Daniel was saying. We have a lot of processes in our company with different slps and whatnot. But what are your processes And what might you be able to automate with Zapier?

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Yeah, it’s a really cool tool, isn’t it? Yeah. And once you create your free Zapier account, if you enter in credit repair cloud, it’s going to give you all kinds of ideas of all the different apps that they have, because they have apps for everything. So you just look at the triggers, and then wait, it basically, you can put them together like Legos. It’s really super cool. Yeah. Check that out.

Keenan Jones 20:29

And we, I mean, internally, just I’ll say two, we’re big advocates of Zapier, not just our customers are using it, we’re, we use it all day long we have, I think we probably have 50 or 100 plus apps set up for touring this plus that happening. And I’m sure there’s things automating in the background right now.

Daniel Rosen 20:50

So it just takes your imagination and starting to play with it to figure out what you can do. Yeah, and it seems like anything technical, it seems a little overwhelming at first until you go, Oh, that’s it, and then you start to get it. And then you can play around with it. And so so don’t be intimidated. Technology is fun. And Zapier is really, really cool. Okay, here’s a question from Natasha Gonzales cook. And Natasha asks, What’s the best method to generate leads?

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Yeah, so generating leads is definitely an essential skill for you to learn and to master to grow your career per business. And to be clear, I just wanted to define what getting a lead is, which it’s simply when a prospective customer gives you their initial contact information. So that might be the first time you get their first name, last name and email together, you might also have gotten the phone call from them. So you have their phone number. So that’s simply all leaders. Now lead doesn’t mean someone has bought your services right away, it just means that they’ve expressed interest in your services in some way. Now, to generate a lead. This is the framework we’ve used internally, from a marketing mentor, we follow a lot. This guy named Russell Brunson teaches. And it’s a very simple four step process that we use, which you need to to be able to generate leads effectively, you need to first identify who is your dream customer? Where are they? What bait, can you offer them and ensure that you’ve identified the and really understand the goals of what, what they want. So let’s dive deeper into each one of those. Because I know those might be a little vague at first. So the first part is identifying your dream customer, it’s important because you’re going to be doing a lot of work with these people. defining who you want to work and work with means like you’re going to be waking up for the next few years, maybe longer working with these people all day long. So you really don’t want to paint yourself into a corner of people that might frustrate you, you want to work with people that you’re going to love working with on a day to day basis. So So define your customer, I would recommend is simply fill in a in this company mission statement sentence that Russell Brunson also coined, which goes like this. If you so if you want to define who your customer is, we help blank insert who to insert the result they want to achieve through insert your opportunity. Now I know that credit repair may seem that there’s one type of customer that we’re all serving the same people, but that but there really are many different types of niches you can serve and riches are in the niches. So for example, your mission statement could be we help homebuyers to buy their dream home by guiding them through the steps to prepare their credit for a home loan. Or another example statement could be we help auto dealers to fix their non qualified buyers credit, so the other dealer can sell more cars. So the possibilities are endless here, but the point is to pick a niche so that you know how to find your dream customers. Now that you’ve identified your dream customers, you need to find them. So there there are millions of people who need their credit fixed. But the more specific that you can get with this specific type of person you want to help the better. Are you serving homebuyers? If so, make sense. Make friends with realtors loan officers network that realtor events, etc, things like that. If you’re servicing auto dealers, make friends with all the dealers in your area and maybe You don’t want to grow your business on affiliates, and you don’t want to rely on that. But maybe you want to service a lot of people that are in the market for home buying, you could create Facebook ads for people that like pages like Zillow, or other home buying websites. So those are kind of a few examples of how you might be able to identify and make sure that and find the customers that you’re specifically wanting to target. Now that you’ve identified your dream customer, now you need to create some bait. You need to put yourself in the shoes of your dream customers, what value can you provide them, besides just providing your full credit repair service to them? That would get them interested in you. You need to identify what is their desire. Have. I’ll give you an example here. Have you ever heard of realtors in your area putting on like a home buying workshop in the area, that’s a type of bait, because they’re really providing some value to people to learn about the home buying process. But that realtor, if you go to that seminar, it will teach you the home buying process. But in exchange, they might.

They might take your first name, last name, email phone number, so they get you as a lead. So you can so you can create similar type of bait for your prospective clients to. One simple way to get started with this is to offer a free consultation session and credit analysis report where people can walk away with a game plan about how to improve their credit for their specific goal. And you could tailor this conversation to what whatever your target customer is. So if they’re buying a home, make sure that you’re talking a lot about how these, this game plan is going to help them get to that goal if they’re trying to get a car, same thing. And you can use our simple AI tool that Daniel was talking about earlier in credit for cloud that makes it super easy to analyze someone’s report and provide them value. Some other bait that you could create is you could create a free guide on seven ways to prepare your credit for home buying. Or you could create a PDF on three common mistakes car buyers make that cost them 1000s of dollars on loans and how you could avoid them. So as you can imagine, there’s a lot of different combinations, depending on the customer you want to serve, to make that offer very attractive to them. And then you could create a very simple landing page. The software that we use internally for all of our landing pages is click just Click Funnels COMM And it’s really easy to put up a landing page, you could put an offer out there saying with those PDFs to download and then you’d collect someone’s email address in return to follow up with them later on. But keep in mind in every step of the process of getting leads, what is the goal of you have your lead or your prospect that you’re communicating with? No one wants to repair their credit. Now I know that might sound funny, but credit repair is not what your customers want is not what your affiliate partners want either. Make sure that you’re customizing your message to your dream customers. And what I mean by this is credit repair enables homebuyers to finally get their dream home credit repair enables car buyers to save 1000s of dollars on high interest loans. And credit repair can help help your affiliate partners like realtors and auto dealers sell more car homes and cars. So just make sure that you’re customizing your message to your dream customer. So you’ll convert more people into leads that you would rather otherwise because they all have their very specific goal in mind credit repair is just the tool that enables them to get to their

Daniel Rosen 29:14

end goal. Exactly. And there’s examples of this in our Millionaire’s club like Samuel knockin his entire business. He’s just helping people into houses, isn’t he?

Keenan Jones 29:29

Yep, absolutely. And his his niche is just servicing people in and think in Texas and maybe even just San Antonio. But just helping realtors and he’s built a big affiliate network,

Daniel Rosen 29:46

just realtors. He has really amazing I mean, people try to appeal to everybody but when you narrow down to a little niche that really hits where the riches are and and then about the homebuyer classes. Andre Coakley does credit he does credit classes and he does them in high schools and prisons and schools. Who else does that? Derek Harwell does that as well. And then they give all the information about how to repair their credit, just like at the homebuyer class, you learn about buying a home, but then they end up getting all these leads. It’s brilliant. And giving value. Okay, you ready for another question Kanan for some likes and loves for Kenan? Okay, this question is from Adriana Johnson. And Adriana asks, what are some good marketing strategies? What kind of affiliates do you recommend that we work with? And what’s the best pitch to get them affiliated with our company?

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Great question. There’s a lot to unpack there. So kind of segmented out here. So marketing strategies is a huge topic. There’s, there’s 100 different ways to market 100 plus different ways. 1000s probably ways to market your business. We even sell a resource with the creditor, credit hero challenge that Corey put together, which gives you 100 ideas on how to market your business. But if you’re just getting started in credit repair, and you want to get that resource. Again, if you haven’t taken our challenge, go the credit hero challenge calm. But however, speaking with my own experience, well I do believe is that you need to believe that you need to know, in order to grow your business, I strongly believe that internet marketing is the way to go. And it’s how we’ve grown credit for a cloud. And if you can master internet marketing to grow your business, your I believe it’s the only way that you’re going to be able to scale your business as fast as possible. Using online sales funnels, which is what we’ve done to grow 600% in the last three years, is super effective at bringing strangers who don’t know about your brand, to being a customer. Now, I don’t have a lot of time to go into all the details of how sales funnels work and all the nuances of them that I highly recommend getting the secrets. Again, it’s by that author Russell Brunson. As I mentioned earlier, our marketing mentor, it’s dot com secrets calm, I don’t get anything for sending you there. But it’s been the Bible of how we’ve grown khairpur cloud, and it’ll teach you a lot of the fundamental concepts of building really effective online marketing funnels. And he has a few other books. But if you’re browsing around, but that would be the my first recommendation. Now to get affiliates. I think, again, you should recognize what type of customer you want to get coming back to previous answer. riches are in the niches. And the more specific you can get, the more comfortable they will be with working with you. As as an added benefit. Imagine if you’re walking into a new potential affiliate partnership, and you mentioned, I’ve helped raise a bunch of people’s credit versus look here heard 20 case studies of people I’ve helped successfully raise their credit and get them into their dream home with working with their realtor, which he thinks is going to be a more effective pitch. So again, riches are in the niches, get those get those case studies, because it’s going to do a lot of that selling for you. As for the types of affiliates, it highly depends on your dream customer you want to attract. But a good rule of thumb is are you going to work with people who are turning away people for their products and services because of bad credit all day long? If the answer is yes, they’re probably a good affiliate. Anyone that’s doing credit checks and then turning people away. They’re, they’re going to be a good affiliate.

But for the type of affiliate to partner with, I think the higher cost of the service someone is selling, the more motivated the customer will be that they’ll send to you. This is because fixing someone’s credit score for a high cost product like imagine someone getting a home loan, that’s hundreds of 1000s of dollars, it might save them 10s of 1000s of dollars over the course of the loan if their credit was fixed, versus a lower cost product like a car loan, which might save that buyer a few $100 over the course of a loan. So keep in mind here Here are a few different types of affiliates you may partner with, just to kind of get your mind turning like auto dealers, realtors RV dealers. Boat dealers, dentist, office tax preparers, loan officers, this list is certainly not extensive of who you could work with. But again, any business that checks your credit, could be a great candidate for being an affiliate with you. Now, in terms of pitching them, again, those interviews that we have, that I mentioned in the previous answer about Jose and Bruce Paul tolo, they had some great advice in there. But keep it simple. here’s, here’s a really simple four step process, introduce yourself to the affiliate, whether that’s on the phone or in person, ask them a few questions, to better understand the challenges that they might be having with challenged credit prospects, I mean, get them to really kind of paint the pain that they’re they’re having from their side, they’re having to turn people away, and it’s frustrating, they’re probably gonna be more likely to work with you, if they can realize the pain that they’re having. Explain your services, and how it helps their customers. Just simply explain how you’re going to work with them, and then explain your offer to them. What that offer is, is how if they send you a lead, you might pay, you might pay them to get that lead, or, or if you don’t pay them, you’re gonna tell them how you’re going to fix their credit, keep them in the loop in the process and send that customer back, ready to go the bribe by their product or service when they’re ready to go. So if you keep the strategy in mind, I’m sure that you’ll be signing, signing up new affiliates, in no time, but just kind of keep their goals in mind to make sure that you have the most effective relationship with them.

Daniel Rosen 36:52

Wow, that’s really awesome advice. That’s really, really good Keenan, give Keenan some love and some likes. Wow, Wasn’t that awesome? Okay, so that was part three of our three-part training. And I hope you enjoyed it. And if you didn’t hear the other two previous episodes, with the other two parts of this training, I highly recommend that you do and don’t forget to click the link below in the description to access my free 20-Page Cheat Sheet, because it’s a whole book that I created just for you with all the information from this free training. And if you’d like me to hold you by the hand, as you launch your very own credit repair business, be sure to check out our Credit Hero Challenge. It’s a live experience that has helped tons of Credit Heroes to get their first clients to get certified in disputing and to gain confidence as they launch their credit repair business on a solid foundation. So they can change a whole lot of lives and make a great living in the process. And you can get into this challenge for less than no cost to take your family to McDonald’s for dinner. Now we’re starting the next challenge very soon. So you’ve got to join before the doors close. So to join up, just go to And if you’re finding value in the things that I’m sharing on this podcast, be sure to click to subscribe so you don’t miss any of the secrets that I share every week. And if you’re feeling kind, write me and give me a review because this is a new podcast. And those things will really help me and I will see you in the next episode. And until then, be a Credit Hero and keep changing lives.

One more Credit Repair Business Secrets? Then get a copy of my book, The Ultimate Guide to Starting a Credit Repair Business, get it free at Inside this book, you’ll find my top 35 secrets to removing items from credit reports and turning that into an amazing business that helps people change lives and makes you a great living in the process. Get it free at

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