The 15 Finest Cities in America for Climbing


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Take a hike — seriously. Not only is it good to bask in the sun, but hiking will also help you clear your mind and steal some time back from the screens.

But where are the best places to slow down and take the scenic route?

LawnStarter ranked 2022’s Best Cities for Hiking by looking at 13 hiker-friendly factors, ranging from hiking access and quality to trail difficulty to natural hazards. Here are the top cities for hiking.

1. Portland, OR

Aerial view of Portland with Mount Hood in the background.josemaria-toscano /

Overall Score: 68.37

Hiking Access Rank: 5

Hiking Quality Rank: 49

Supplies Access Rank: 1

Climate Rank: 45

Safety Rank: 29

2. Tucson, AZ

bicyclist cyclist in Tucson ArizonaM Gavan /

Overall Score: 67.6

Hiking Access Rank: 2

Hiking Quality Rank: 30

Supplies Access Rank: 30

Climate Rank: 60

Safety Rank: 97

3.Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix, Arizbryan-neuswanger /

Overall Score: 67.25

Hiking Access Rank: 1

Hiking Quality Rank: 8th

Supplies Access Rank: 18

Climate Rank: 184

Safety Rank: 171

4. Colorado Springs, CO

Colorado Springs, /

Overall Score: 67.01

Hiking Access Rank: 3

Hiking Quality Rank: 36

Supplies Access Rank: 9

Climate Rank: 69

Safety Rank: 69

5. Oakland, CA

Oakland California neighborhoodSundry Photography /

Overall Score: 66.01

Hiking Access Rank: 7

Hiking Quality Rank: 12

Supplies Access Rank: 115

Climate Rank: 9

Safety Rank: 87

6. Salt Lake City, UT

Salt Lake City, Utahf11photo /

Overall Score: 64.57

Hiking Access Rank: 4

Hiking Quality Rank: 19

Supplies Access Rank: 11

Climate Rank: 85

Safety Rank: 173

7.Los Angeles, CA

Songquan Deng /

Overall Score: 63.24

Hiking Access Rank: 10

Hiking Quality Rank: 14

Supplies Access Rank: 25

Climate Rank: 30

Safety Rank: 152

8. Boise, ID

Boise, Idaho neighborhoodCSNafzger /

Overall Score: 63.05

Hiking Access Rank: 8th

Hiking Quality Rank: 17

Supplies Access Rank: 21

Climate Rank: 62

Safety Rank: 43

9. Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas neighborhood with desert hills beyond.Christopher Boswell /

Overall Score: 62

Hiking Access Rank: 6

Hiking Quality Rank: 20

Supplies Access Rank: 8th

Climate Rank: 49

Safety Rank: 166

10. San Diego, CA

Kapi Ng /

Overall Score: 61.46

Hiking Access Rank: 13

Hiking Quality Rank: 43

Supplies Access Rank: 4

Climate Rank: 5

Safety Rank: 81

11.Santa Rosa, CA

Santa Rosa, CaliforniaAnzhelika Polyak /

Overall Score: 60.3

Hiking Access Rank: 28

Hiking Quality Rank: 6

Supplies Access Rank: 71

Climate Rank: 1

Safety Rank: 184

12. San Francisco, CA

Runners in San Francisco Californiaoneinchpunch /

Overall Score: 60.18

Hiking Access Rank: 31

Hiking Quality Rank: 29

Supplies Access Rank: 5

Climate Rank: 9

Safety Rank: 11

13.San Jose, CA

San Jose Housespbk-pg /

Overall Score: 59.06

Hiking Access Rank: 17

Hiking Quality Rank: 25

Supplies Access Rank: 44

Climate Rank: 9

Safety Rank: 110

14. Honolulu, HI

Honolulu, HawaiiFilip Carmen /

Overall Score: 58.91

Hiking Access Rank: 25

Hiking Quality Rank: 26

Supplies Access Rank: 13

Climate Rank: 2

Safety Rank: 197

15. Escondido, CA

Escondido, CaliforniaHernando Sorzano /

Overall Score: 57.69

Hiking Access Rank: 18

Hiking Quality Rank: 34

Supplies Access Rank: 136

Climate Rank: 5

Safety Rank: 81


Man doing market research on white boardalphaspirit /

We ranked the 200 biggest US cities from best (No. 1) to worst (No. 200) for hiking based on their overall scores (out of 100 possible points), averaged across all of the weighted metrics listed below.

  • Number of Hiking Routes
  • Number of camping sites
  • Average Consumer Rating for Hiking Trails
  • Share of “Moderately Difficult” and “Hard” Hiking Trails
  • Number of Outdoor Gear Stores
  • Historical Annual Average Number of Extremely Cold Days
  • Historical Annual Average Number of Extremely Hot Days
  • Historical Monthly Average Percentage of Sunshine
  • Historical Monthly Average Inches of Precipitation
  • Median Air Quality Index
  • Natural Hazards Index
  • Natural/Environmental Death Rate
  • Crime Index

Sources: AllTrails, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Center for Disaster Preparedness, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, NeighborhoodScout,, US Environmental Protection Agency, and Yelp

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