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Sprint publicizes new replace, social fee pockets enters testnet


According to an announcement published on Wednesday, Dash has postponed development work on version 0.17 of its platform into the test network phase. Back in July, Cointelegraph reported that the Dash Core Group intends to release the platform test network before the end of the year.

As part of the announcement, Dash announced that the test network environment is five times larger than Evonet, which is owned almost entirely by the Dash Core Group. According to Dana Alibrandi, Product Manager at Dash:

“This is the largest deployment of the Dash platform. As a result, this release marks the key milestone in realizing Dash’s long-term vision for mainstream adoption.”

Dash detailed the log updates included in update v0.17 and determined that an infinite credit issue vulnerability has been resolved. Version 0.17 also contains functions to improve the full light client support.

With v0.17 now on testnet, Dash says the release of v0.18 is the next item on the agenda. This new upgrade, which is scheduled for late January or early February, offers further protocol improvements for Light Clients as well as expanded functionality for iOS and Android apps within the Dash platform.

Dash also announced the release of DashPay for the public alpha phase. DashPay is a social crypto payment wallet with readable addresses through the Dash Platform Name Service layer.

While some other crypto companies offer human-readable usernames for transactions within a closed wallet ecosystem, Dash has previously claimed that its service resides on the blockchain itself.

Other features include contact lists and avatars, which the company says will improve payment convenience. The full public launch of the social payments wallet is scheduled for late 2021.

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