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Sizzling Wheels, NBA recreation ticket NFTs and invests in eBay for NFTs

0 Capital has made a strategic investment in a multichain NFT marketplace to serve as an eBay for NFTs called “”.

The platform is a new startup from Travala founder Matt Luczynski and will be officially launched on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) in the third quarter of 2021 and integrated into Ethereum in the same quarter.

The chain recently updated the mainnet to offer NFT support, and intends to incorporate it into the platform to “expand options for creators and collectors alike.”

The amount of the investment was not disclosed by Capital’s Bobby Bao said:

“We were impressed with Matt’s track record at Travala and took the opportunity to support him on his latest project.”

Hodooi has already partnered with Gold Star Promotions and the Plogix Art Group to offer licensed NFT sales depicting professional sports athletes and will host star boxer Tyson Fury’s NFT drop on July 12th.

The platform intends to add additional sales channels alongside the regular NFT marketplace structure, with users also being able to leverage the platform to buy and sell eBooks, coupons, tickets, games, and other collectibles in the future.

Tyson Fury NFT Drop:

Cubans: NFT loners

Dallas Mavericks billionaire Mark Cuban plans to roll out NFTs linked to basketball game tickets. On a podcast by Gary Vaynerchuck, Cuban stated that the plan was to launch them for the next NBA season.

“We’re going to start next season with where we issue an NFT after you pick your ticket on Ticketmaster or whatever,” Cuban said.

The billionaire stressed that “there is no limit to the value we can add,” as attaching to NFTs would essentially make them verifiable collectibles or memorabilia that fans can resell online.

Cuban recently supported a $ 4 million seed funding round for startup NFT Genius, which plans to build a diverse NFT marketplace on the Flow blockchain.

Details on the marketplace called “Gaia” are sparse, but it is said to be music-focused, with further plans to expand into games, sports, and comedy in the future.

NFT genius: Gaia

Hot Wheels NFTS

Popular toy car maker Mattel Creations will enter the NFT market with non-fungible tokens representing Hot Wheels cars.

The company will auction three one-of-one NFTs in a collection called “The First Editions,” with the iconic models “Twin Mill, Deora II and Bone Shaker” tokenized.

Twin Mill NFT: Hot Wheels Garage

The auction starts on June 22nd and lasts for seven days. Mattel accepts bids and payments in Ethereum.

Connected: Digital land in Decentraland is being sold to a virtual real estate developer for $ 913,000

Crypto cosmetics

Cosmetics company “elf” drops a number of tokenized beauty products that are surprisingly cheap.

The company will be releasing a set of three limited edition NFTs that feature the Poreless Putty Primer, the 16HR Camo Concealer, and the Ride or Die Lip Balm, all of which match the physical products they represent (between 5 and 9 U.S. Dollar).

Eleven NFT drop

The company notes that “no crypto kitties were harmed” in minting the NFTs as it selected the carbon-negative NFT platform Bitski to host the sale, which goes live at 11 a.m. PDT today.

Other things

Cointelegraph reported on June 17 that CNN is releasing its own NFTs collectibles that depict historical news moments. Fox announced a $ 100 million creative fund to help develop its NFT marketplaces for its animated television shows.

Convicted and star of cult documentary Tiger King, Joe Exotic is about to drop NFTs behind bars.

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