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Six-Digit Bitcoin Costs: Inventory-to-Move Creator Says BTC Worth Mannequin ‘On Monitor Like Clockwork’


Bitcoin prices have become parabolic and, according to the creator of the pricing model, the value seems to follow along with the controversial stock-to-flow (S2F) model. This week the Twitter handle called “Plan B” said the “Bitcoin Stock-to-Flow Model” [is] on the right track … like clockwork. “

The stock-to-flow author is convinced of the S2F pricing model

As early as November 2020, reported on the popular, but also controversial, stock-to-flow pricing model of Plan B. At that time, Plan B said it had “no doubt that Bitcoin S2F is correct”. He added that “Bitcoin will previously tap $ 100,000 to $ 288,000 [December] In fact, I have new data to confirm that the supply shortage is real. The IMO 2021 will be spectacular, ”stressed Plan B two months ago.

Six-digit Bitcoin prices: Stock-to-flow creator says BTC value model On January 8, 2021, Bitcoin (BTC) hit $ 42,000 per zone unit.

Over the past few weeks, as Bitcoin’s value has skyrocketed, Plan B reiterated its belief that the S2F model is still very current. On Thursday the popular Twitter account tweeted: “Bitcoin stock-to-flow model on track … like clockwork.” Plan B also shared a chart showing the current price movement that appears to be following along with the S2F model. In addition, Plan B also said that Bitcoin would add “200WMA (weekly moving average) [is] Increase by 10% per month. “

Six-digit Bitcoin prices: Stock-to-flow creator says BTC value model The latest S2F model map, Plan B, was posted on Twitter on Thursday.

In addition, after the halving, the Twitter account “ecoinometrics” also tweeted about the cheap prices of BTC. “I know it’s months to go, but who’s still curious how close we’ll get to $ 286,000 in October?” Ecoinometry tweeted. Following the tweet, Plan B responded to ecoinometrics’ testimony, saying, “Make $ 288,000.” Another person spoke about the controversy surrounding the S2F model and tweeted:

S2F denialism on Twitter is all fun and games, but what if some people act on this advice and don’t buy bitcoin? Who is blamed for this?

Peter Schiff admits that he missed Bitcoin’s profits

One person responded to the S2F denialism tweet, saying, “It would be their own fault if they didn’t do their own research and rely on someone else’s work. They will learn to take responsibility for their actions and hopefully grow from the experience. “After declaring that his model was on the right track like clockwork, Plan B also stated:

Yup, [the] The S2F and S2FX are both on track. The big question is where Bitcoin finds its new balance, $ 100,000 or $ 288,000. We’ll know better by December 2021.

Six-digit Bitcoin prices: Stock-to-flow creator says BTC value model

As Bitcoin (BTC) entered the $ 42,000 zone on Friday, cryptocurrency naysayer and gold bug Peter Schiff stated that he had missed out on BTC’s big wins.

“While I missed the big run of Bitcoin from the 2020 lows, I didn’t miss the big gains on other speculative investments,” Schiff tweeted on Friday. “For example, I’ve owned Delta Electronics in Thailand for years. It’s up 27% today, 27 times the 2020 low. Compare Bitcoin’s profits to gold, not gold, ”added Schiff.

What do you think of the Stock-to-Flow (S2F) model of Plan B being on track like clockwork? Let us know what you think on this matter in the comments section below.

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