QBE’s employment lawsuit declared “plainly meritless” by Utilized Underwriters’ normal counsel


In response to the complaint, Applied Underwriters has released a statement denouncing the lawsuit.

“This lawsuit is clearly unfounded and simply intends to use the actions taken against former employees – individuals – to attempt to achieve with a onerous lawsuit what they have been unable to achieve with investments in the sector and with an effective marketing approach,” said the Executive Vice of Applied Underwriters President and General Counsel Jeffrey Silver, Esq.

Silver added in his statement that the four individuals named by QBE as defendants “have decided to move to Applied Underwriters to fully develop their business specialty using Applied’s resources.”

“It should be noted that insurance professionals rely to some extent on commissions earned from sales. The hiring process in question took place in September 2021, more than 90 days ago, making QBE’s claim of allegedly irreparable damage far more of a litigation tactic than a verifiable fact,” stated the Executive Vice President.

“When the QBE people joined our company and continued their aviation work with us, it was their choice as professionals,” continued Silver. “While we have welcomed them with open arms and have since seen how their decision translated into successful flight operations, how they came to their decision to move away from QBE, what their plans were prior to the move, how they communicated those plans, what the Agreements were that everyone had a place, who their prospects were, if any, and what they thought about working at QBE was all the personal matter of the employees who made the decision to make a change.”

Silver also emphasized that Applied Underwriters “acted ethically and openly to engage these interested insurance professionals” and that the firm has not requested, received or required any confidential information from QBE.

“Our aggressive approach to new business has proven profitable for many senior risk executives around the world who make up the growing applied faculty of top insurance professionals,” he said. “While it is easy to understand the emotional ramifications and some of the potential financial ramifications of losing employees, we believe this matter is untried and being waged without real merit against these men and women who are free to choose their own destiny and earn as much as possible from their talents, which will be richly rewarded if used well.”

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Last November, Applied Underwriters formed a new aerospace team in collaboration with former members of PartnerRe’s Direct and Facultative (D&F) Space Team. Based in Washington, DC, the Applied Underwriters Aerospace team is led by Jon Lewis.

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