Ought to My Credit score Restore ‘Check Purchasers’ Signal An Settlement?



When you first start your credit repair business, the best strategy for becoming an expert is to offer your “test customers” a free credit repair. That way, through repetition, you can gain experience and confidence. This is a great way to collect testimonials and reviews that will help you sell your services much later. It enables you to receive recommendations from your test customers for whom you have received results. And you can convert the free customers to paid customers as soon as they see the progress and results you are giving them. However, the question that arises is how do you enroll these test customers in a professional manner that covers all of your basics but also represents the path of least resistance. Well, in this episode, I’m going to show you exactly how to stay that way.

So the big question is this. How can we turn our passion for helping people with their credit into a successful business without borrowing, without spending a fortune, by pulling it out of nowhere so that we can help most people and still be highly profitable? That is the question, and this podcast will give you the answer. My name is Daniel Rosen and welcome to Credit Repair Business Secrets.

Okay, before I dive in, if you’re ready to start your credit repair business but have no idea how to do it, I’d like to invite you to click the link under this video and take part in our Credit Hero Challenge, where in just 14 Days by becoming certified in three areas of credit repair will teach you how to start and grow your business, all for less than it cost to take your family to McDonald’s for dinner. Okay, it’s an amazing value. If you’re new to this podcast or watching YouTube, be sure to click on this subscription so you don’t miss any episodes. Okay so let’s get into that. You just started out as an owner of a credit repair company. You set your own balance and then used our time-tested social media script to get a ton of test customers. And while you won’t be charging actual money for your services, expect rave testimonials that you will later use to prove your worth, and ask the free customers to send you referrals to help grow your business. So the question is, “Do I need the free trial clients to sign a customer agreement?” And the answer is “no!” In that case, you can keep it simple. OK? A service contract is a contract between your company and a paying customer. It describes the rights, rules and responsibilities between you and your customer. However, if there is no money exchanged, you don’t need a written contractual agreement. Instead, a simple oral agreement or understanding that will work perfectly. It is important to note, however, that while your test customers are not signing an agreement, they should be on board exactly as you will be with your paid customers. If you have paid customers on board, log into your Credit Repair Cloud software and click “Add New Customer”. And then fill out their profile. You assign the client to yourself, enable portal access, and then select the agreement. With free trial clients, the only difference is that if you go through the same onboarding process, you just choose “No Agreement”. OK? Then when you click Submit, your free trial client will receive the welcome email and be instructed how to complete the setup. And then they do the rest. And it really is that simple! These test customers are the foundation of your success, just like so many of our Millionaires Club members.

Ashley Massengill, for example, started out with free customers and has now built a huge multi-million dollar empire. She has 10 out of 1000 followers on social media, and she still uses the same strategy to get referrals and post testimonials. The only difference now is that they are all paying customers. So if you want to learn more about how to find your test customers, how to get results, and how to grow your credit repair business like Ashley Massengill did, I invite you to take part in our upcoming Credit Hero Challenge. We’ll have a new one in just a few days. You can now secure your place at creditherochallenge.com. And if you value the things I share on this podcast, click below to sign up! And if you listen on YouTube and you’re feeling nice, drop me a comment and thumbs up because this is a new podcast and I can use any help I can get. And see you in the next episode. Until then, be a loan hero and change life!

Would you like more trade secrets for credit repair? Then you can get a copy of my book, The Ultimate Guide to Starting a Credit Repair Business, for free at creditrepaircloud.com/freebook. In this book, I will share my 35 top secrets to removing items from credit reports and making them an amazing business that helps people, changes lives, and makes a good living. Get it for free at creditrepaircloud.com/freebook.

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