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Ought to I Use Licensed Mail to Ship my Dispute Letters?


This is one of the most frequently asked questions I hear in the credit repair community and across the industry.

For this episode of Daniel’s Tip of the Month, I thought I’d answer the question once and for all.

But before I get into that, if you want to know more about disputing techniques and even want to get certified in disputing (all for less than it would cost to get your family to McDonalds), visit creditherochallenge.com to get started today to participate in our Credit Hero Challenge!

OK. Let’s dive in.

  • Can you send every dispute letter by registered mail? … YES…
  • Is certified mail expensive and time consuming? Yes!
  • Will you get better results if you send every letter by registered mail? NOT EVEN A SMALL ONE!

You can spend a small fortune and waste tons of hours flooding thousands of certified mail and return receipts, but it won’t get you anywhere at all!

In fact, it would be a total waste of time and money.

If you’ve heard that you need to send disputes via registered mail, that’s fine! There is a lot of misinformation out there.

But I’m here to shoot you right and make it as easy as possible to build your profitable credit repair business from scratch.

So there are some situations in which it would be beneficial to send certified mail.

These are identity theft cases with signed affidavits and when you plan to sue the recipient.

That’s it!

The truth is, when you send certified mail, it is processed the same way as regular mail.

After you have sung your note, it is fed into a large machine upon receipt by the offices to be peeled off the envelope, scanned and processed – just like with normal mail.

The only difference is that you have proof that it was received.

After looking after thousands of Credit Heroes for years, I realized that you are sending threatening “gotcha” letters that basically prove to the bureaus that they signed but did not follow FCRA protocol. They do not care.

You don’t do anything differently and react the same without the paper trail.

Sometimes they even ignore disputes.

In this case, the only real benefit of having a signed certified receipt would be proof for a judge if you decide to take the office to court.

So if you don’t plan to sue the offices, I recommend saving your time and money!

And if you’d like to start your own credit repair business, sign up for our Credit Hero Challenge, where I’ll be with you by the hand. In just a few weeks you will be the proud owner of your own credit repair business AND you will have 3 shiny new certificates to show off to your new customers!

We’re about to start a new challenge. Register at creditherochallenge.com today.

I hope to see you inside!

Until then, keep changing your life!

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