Mintable app to assist minting NFTs on the layer two Immutable X protocol


The Mintable marketplace announced its partnership with Immutable X, a StarkWare-based Layer 2 solution for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on Ethereum, to make over 24 million NFTs on Immutable X available for sale on Mintable. This integration allows users to deposit ETH and ERC-20 tokens with instant confirmation and no gas fees.

According to Mintable’s Twitter thread, Mintable and Immutable X share a vision of scaling NFT marketplaces by giving the masses access to NFTs.

1 / We are very excited about the partnership with @Immutable X – the first and leading Layer 2 for #NFTs on Ethereum! All NFTs on Immutable X are now available for trade at!

✅ Zero gas fees✅ Immediately safe trading✅100% CO2-neutral.


– Mintable (@mintable_app) December 13, 2021

While zero gas fees may sound tempting, the gasless file size limit is only 300MB. Gas fees apply for anything larger.

The Mintable blog statement also alleged that it would not compromise decentralization or user custody. With assets secured on the Ethereum blockchain, the project assumes that users can securely manage their NFT trading experience.

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According to Immutable X, the project ensures that all NFT activities in its log are completely carbon neutral. This doesn’t mean it’s carbon free, but rather that it buys carbon credits to offset Ethereum’s gas usage.

Robbie Ferguson, Co-Founder and President of Immutable, said of the partnership:

“We want to be everywhere NFT fans are, and Mintable’s commitment to breaking new ground to empower audiences with smart contracts is mind-boggling. We look forward to welcoming the communities and working with the Mintable app to grow NFT marketplaces. “

Mintable also operates a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) and is the first DAO to run on NFTs instead of ERC-20 tokens. The Mintable NFT DAO is based on MINT voting NFTs. STEM owners can sell their voting NFTs on open marketplaces.

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