Medicare normal Half B premiums for 2022 soar by 14.5%


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Medicare’s standard premium for home care insurance will rise 14.5% through 2022, far beating an earlier estimate of 6.7%, the government said.

The standard premium for Part B, which covers ambulatory care and long-life devices, will be $ 170.10 next year, up $ 21.60 from $ 148.50 this year, a senior official told the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services on Friday. The program’s trustees this summer estimated the premium would rise to $ 158.50.

The Part B deductible is $ 233, an increase of $ 30, or 14.8%, from this year.

The greater-than-expected increase is due in part to rising prices and utilization across the healthcare system, as well as measures taken by Congress that have limited the increase in the Part B premium in 2021.

In addition, the emergency reserves have been increased to account for potential new treatment costs incurred by the program.

Meanwhile, the Medicare Part A (hospital insurance) deductible per benefit period (which typically begins with hospital admission) is $ 1,556 in 2022, $ 72 more than $ 1,484 this year.

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