McLarens hires seasoned chief for brand new world position


As a leading company in the field of management information (MI) and analytics, Barclay has remarkable expertise in leading complex analytical and regulatory projects as well as a wealth of experience in the areas of operating, building and embedding IT and business solutions and providing digital transformation programs.

In her new role at McLarens, Barclay will lead a team of data professionals and lead the development and implementation of corporate strategy around data collection, processing and delivery, as well as promoting a data-driven decision-making culture across the global business.

She will also cover everything from data governance and quality to analysis and visualization, with responsibilities including developing the company’s predictive analytics modeling capabilities.

Working with McLarens One, the company’s end-to-end global claims platform, the Barclay team is designed to drive innovation and facilitate the delivery of global datasets and dashboards by leveraging data mining, predictive modeling, and machine learning to assist insurance and brokerage clients with modeling of compensation expenses, emerging risks and claims processing.

“Better data leads to better decisions and results for everyone involved, and this important role shows our commitment to both customer care and our broader digital strategy, which we are investing heavily in,” said Graham Smart, chief commercial officer at McLarens. “The way we collect information and share it with customers is evolving rapidly, which improves the speed and quality of our customer response, enables better claims estimates, reduces compensation expenses, and enables claims to be settled more quickly.

“Jennifer is a true leader in her field, with extensive experience in cutting edge technology and all aspects of regulatory compliance. Your experience working with brokers and insurers in this regard will be of great use. “

Barclay will be based in London and report to Adam Weiner, SVP Technology Strategy and Operations at McLarens.

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