Man arrested for threatening to kill State Farm insurance coverage agent


A Colorado man was arrested Friday for attempted murder after showing up armed and drunk in a state farm office and threatening to kill an insurance agent.

Around noon on Friday, several people reported to Greeley, Colorado police that Jacob Maltby, 38, was on his way to a state farm office in town. Maltby reportedly threatened to kill an insurance agent in the office and then commit suicide, according to The Greeley Tribune.

Police were warned that Maltby was armed and drunk. Rescue workers found him sitting in his parked vehicle outside the State Farm office.

Police found several firearms in Maltby’s vehicle, the Tribune reported. Friday was reportedly the second day in a row that Maltby went to the State Farm office and became violent there. The first incident was not reported to the police and Maltby allegedly threatened another person in the office.

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Maltby was arrested without incident and sent to Weld County, Colorado Jail. He faces multiple charges, including attempted second degree murder, prohibited use of guns, criminal mischief and driving under the influence of alcohol, the Tribune reported.

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