Lockton launches rising asset safety staff


The team is led by Sarah Downey, who joined Lockton in April to lead the LEAP team and executive risk claims. She is one of the nation’s leading experts on D&O, digital asset, and executive risk claims and coverage, Lockton said.

“In addition to being central to digital asset-focused businesses, digital assets are becoming increasingly important in more traditional businesses and this is an area where there is a growing need for insurance,” said Downey. “The digital asset ecosystem has grown significantly in recent years, creating an even more urgent need for insurance in this area.”

The LEAP team works with clients on key risk concerns in the blockchain and cryptocurrency sectors, including crime insurance, property insurance, director and officer’s liability, failure and omission insurance, and cyber insurance. The team is adapting insurance coverage and creating new products and new insurance capabilities with support from across the organization, including capital markets, reinsurance, captives and bail.

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“The LEAP team is aligned with Lockton’s mission to provide high-quality advisory and risk management services to the market,” said Carl Moore, Partner, Global Professional and Financial Risks.

“We have a strong focus on working with companies involved in insurance,” said Rob Russell, regional director of Lockton’s Global Professional and Financial Risks Practice in Asia. “Our goal is to help them ultimately grow and develop their business.”

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