Lemonade Automotive formally rolls out


News of Lemonade’s plan to launch its own auto insurance product first broke in April.

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The proprietary Lemonade app allows users to purchase Lemonade Car. New insurance packages with Lemonade Car allow customers to take out car insurance in addition to the insurer’s home, tenant, pet and / or life insurance products.

The app itself has been updated to be part of the Lemonade Car experience and uses telematics to measure how much and how safely insured people drive. Drivers with low mileage and safe driving behavior receive lower tariffs. It can also provide round-the-clock roadside assistance, real-time crash detection, and dispatch of emergency services to drivers, according to a press release.

“We have set up entire teams to handle towing, repairs, bodywork, and support for the 24/7 roadside assistance and emergency services that we now offer,” said Shai Wininger, Co-Founder and CEO of Lemonade. “Offering a first-class motor vehicle claims experience means being 100% there for your customers, with surprisingly fast service and a lot of empathy.”

In addition to these features, Lemonade Car rewards drivers with better rates and coverage for owning electric vehicles or hybrid cars as part of the company’s longstanding commitment to never invest in fossil fuels and polluting industries. A portion of Lemonade Car’s revenue will also be used to fund reforestation to offset customers’ carbon emissions.

“We wanted to introduce a product that would not only reinvent the way you buy auto insurance, manage your policies and file claims, but also do something good for the planet,” commented Wininger. “As we cannot yet do without driving, we will help to offset the CO2 emissions from our customers’ cars through ongoing financing of reforestation. With the help of the telematics technology in our app, we can estimate how much carbon dioxide is emitted with each trip and plant trees accordingly. “

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