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While many taxpayers have escaped far-reaching changes, the advisors are observing some provisions, particularly those aimed at high-volume clients.

For example, high-income suburban companies could pay a 3.8% premium on profits starting next year, Levine said.

There is also a 5% tax for those earning more than $ 10 million a year, and someone who earns more than $ 25 million pays an additional 3% for a total of 8% .

While few applicants meet these income limits, the same taxes apply to trusts with as little as $ 200,000 and $ 500,000, respectively.

Customers with significant retirement accounts that have been placed in a trust could easily exceed those thresholds due to the 10-year payout rule, he said.

“These surcharges could affect many of our customers’ families,” said Levine.

Roth conversions

Over the course of the year, the consultants also pay attention to the conversion of Roth individual retirement accounts, a strategy that will hit the market from 2022. If passed, investors will no longer be able to convert after-tax dollars after December 31 of this year.

However, customers need to review their entire situation before making changes at the end of the year, experts say.

“It’s not just about how much the taxpayer is saving right now,” said panelist Sheneya Wilson, CPA, founder and CEO of Fola Financial in New York. “It’s about how much you save over the long term.”

Cryptocurrency taxes

SALT deduction

Many lawmakers are also pushing to lift the $ 10,000 limit on federal and local tax deductions known as SALT, and the house package raises the cap to $ 80,000 by 2030.

When this goes into effect, customers in high-tax countries may have the option to “bundle” these expenses over the years over this period to maximize their withdrawal, Levine said.

House Democrats passed their $ 1.75 trillion welfare spending package in November, including funding for Universal Pre-K, Medicare Expansion, expanded child tax credits, and more.

Build Back Better is far from complete, however, as lawmakers need the support of all 50 Democratic senators to bypass the Republican opposition through the reconciliation process.

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