Keep away from These Three DANGEROUS Errors When Beginning Your Personal Credit score Restore


The credit repair industry is growing so fast that more and more people need help repairing their credit due to these crazy economic times.

That means there is a ton of potential to start, operate, and grow a profitable credit repair business right now.

But before you go too far, there are a few things you really need to know to avoid getting into trouble.

Today I’m going to look at three of the most dangerous lies and misrepresentations so that you can avoid costly mistakes and instead focus on building the business of your dreams and changing many lives.

So let’s get started.

Dangerous Credit Repair Business Lie # 1:

“First, focus on building your business and making money.”

Jeff Bezos, the richest man in the world, famously credits his incredible success with “Always putting the customer first” …

And he’s right.

If all your focus is on building your business and making money you might succeed, but it is nothing compared to how big your business could get if you focus on it Change life.

I know this is true because that is exactly what happened to Credit Repair Cloud.

When I was stressed about every penny and focused on chasing the money, we were stuck. The company didn’t grow. But when I then realized all the lives that could change if I really focused on helping people, we started tremendous growth month after month.

The same goes for your company. The potential you have to grow beyond what you can imagine will only be realized if you focus on those of your customers and change their lives.

Income will always follow because dollars follow value.

Add value to your customers and community, and the money will follow.

Dangerous Credit Repair Business Lie # 2:

“Sometimes you have to bend the rules to get credit repair results.”

The credit repair industry is regulated at both state and federal levels. In other words, the federal government has rules that you must follow, and every single state has its own set of rules too.

At the federal level, the Loan Repair Organization Act is the state law. The CROA states that you cannot lie or advise others to lie about their creditworthiness. You can’t change identities, misrepresent services, or charge people until the job is done.

CROA also has certain requirements that your contract must meet, such as: B. the payment amount, the description of the services, an estimate of the duration of the service and two identical letters of termination.

At the state level, every state is different.

Some states have no requirements while others are pretty strict. Some of the things you want to make sure you know what states you have customers in are:

  1. Does the state need a loan?
  2. Does the state require certain information in your contract?
  3. Does the state require CSO registration?
  4. Does the state require a minimum refund period?
  5. Does the state require a certain term or a limit on fees?

For more information on the specific compliance rules you need to follow, visit

The third and final dangerous lie out there is:

Dangerous Credit Repair Business Lie # 3 “I can stretch the truth as needed to get leads.”

What does that mean exactly?

I think we’ve all seen examples of this before. It could be an ad or video that says, “Guaranteed increase of more than 100 points in 30 days or less” … or “We’ll delete all of your negative items in 30 days or less – whatever they are are!”

Aside from the obvious reason why it is best not to mislead your potential new customers, there is also a risk of making claims that cannot be supported by consistent results.

Regulators have been known to track down credit repair organizations that make misleading statements, make false promises, or imply that they can do more than they really can.

It is VERY important that you make sure that your website, sales script, social media, marketing materials, and advertisements are free of any misleading or misleading information.

The FTC and other consumer watchdogs who judge your content will judge it based on the overall impression of what you say.

This means that they are looking at what the content is saying or showing from the perspective of the audience you are trying to reach. If your content is part of the consumer’s buying decision with you and is not transparent and truthful, dangerous problems can arise.

Also, be careful about offering resources, results, or content that generally seem too good to be true.

  • The following should be prohibited for every Credit Hero:
  • Credit sweeps
  • New identities
  • Tradelines
  • Results overnight
  • Guaranteed Credit Scores

… and all the other scams and gimmicks out there promise anything that is not taught through the Credit Repair Cloud training courses.

Ultimately, the TRUTH is there has never been a better time to start, run, and grow a profitable credit repair business. AND there is no reason to bend or break the rules or do anything that would put you or your business at risk.

So, if you want to learn more about compliance, regulations, disputes, starting and growing a credit repair business AND learn from me and other experts in the credit repair industry, I invite you to take part in the upcoming Credit Hero Challenge where we will be Guiding you by the hand in starting your credit repair business in just a few weeks, even if you have no experience in credit repair or as an entrepreneur.

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