Internet three Is a Return to the Web’s Wild Spirit


Starting with the beginnings of the web, retrospectively called Web 1, a new generation of writers and artists stormed the Internet independently of publishers, promoters or labels. Over time, many of them became leading creative artists: the writers and editors Cory Doctorow, Paul Ford and Choire Sicha, the musicians Justin Bieber and Adele, the comic artist Kate Beaton of “Hark! A Vagrant ”and Randall Munroe from“ xkcd ”as well as the political experts Ana Marie Cox, Markos Moulitsas and Josh Marshall. All of this and more first became public knowledge on personal websites and early, barely moderated networks like Blogger and Myspace. The heady, anarchic spirit of Web 1 emanated from people like this, many of whom were deeply weird and who performed on their own terms.

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