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Insurance coverage Information: Insurers going through stormy climate and markets


September often gives the feeling that things are going back to normal. The holiday season ends and the families send the children back to school. For many of us, this longing for normalcy may not be quickly satisfied.

In this month’s Insurance New Analysis, Natalie de Freitas and I discuss:

  • Mixed earnings reported by insurers and what they mean for the future
  • What insurers see in claims and how this could continue to affect the industry after the hurricane season
  • How insurers are approaching a COVID-safe return to work and how CIOs, COOs and CHROs rate the success of remote working to date

Anecdotally, I can relate to many of my clients and colleagues who are genuinely looking forward to a COVID-safe return to work. A customer recently told me that he actually missed his 90-minute commute on the New Jersey Turnpike. Anyone familiar with this drive will understand what a great proposition it is.

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