Information-driven re-invention makes insurance coverage extra private


Digital customers are increasingly demanding more from insurers. They want help to avoid injury and loss. AAnd insurers reinventing their offerings with AI capabilities are ready to deliver.

It’s not a surprising expectations are increased. R.eal-time, personalized recommendations in digital services have become ubiquitous. On-line Shopping and Entertainment streaming Services constantly Use customer insights and prescriptive analytics to make recommendations.

IInsurance customers Now expect this level of personalization to help them achieve better Health and general wellbeing– –especially M.illennial and younger consumers. Öur Insurance consumer study 2021 shows that during each age segment has Growing interest in digital offerings that help them make safer, healthier and more sustainable choices, more consumers 34 years and younger say they want that kind of help.

ThThe future of insurance Got to This includes newly invented offers that oppose this traditional compensation model. The AI ​​at the heart of the data-driven reinvention of deals will bring the insurer closer to the customer and help maximize it the Lifetime value the customer relationship.

Beyond connected devices

Much has been written about the health and safety benefits of wearables and other IoT-connected devices. Reinventing the insurance The offer goes beyond the collection of user-generated data. What matters is what the insurer and its ecosystem partners do with this data when they receive it.

Predictive and prescriptive analytics can enable a more relevant and personal digital insurance experience with real-time quotes based on known behaviors and preferences. This forms the basis for insurance offers that are tailored to the individual needs of the customer. And it moves the insurer beyond the boundaries of customer attribute data like demographics and income.

Man + machine can feel more personal

It would be a mistake to believe that personalized insurance is only for AI. Customers of all ages want and still expect the human touch. They simply trust people more than machines to make important decisions.

As my colleague Michael Reilly put it in his blog post Underwriting activated“The decision-makers they are currently facing are not a binary decision about whether humans or machines should take the risk. Rather, it is about how best to use machines to help human underwriters make consistently more profitable underwriting decisions. “

On the damage side – especially for cars and Homeowner Managing customers with AI already works wonders. It speeds up the claims process and gives the customer more control over the process. In the meantime, these efficiency benefits are helping to reduce costs for the insurer.

Personalization in commercial lines

Data-driven reinvention isn’t just limited to personal business areas. Commercial insurance customers are also seeing what is possible with technology and expect holistic offerings to help them prevent, mitigate and remedy losses.

To this endCyber ​​coverage is a low hanging fruit for insurers. The loss of personal surgeries in response to COVID-19 and the simultaneous expansion of digital surgeries significantly expanded the surface area for cyberattacks. In addition to their usual day-to-day data security and anti-virus hygiene, businesses of all sizes are now dealing with the increasing threat of ransomware and Wipers.

I have said many times that the insurance sector can serve as a major source of strength and a recovery mechanism for the industry during the crisis. With a data-driven reinvention enabled or even guided by AI solutions, the insurance sector can also act as a guardrail to help customers avoid problems.

Disclaimer: This content is for general informational purposes and is not to be used in lieu of consultation with our professional advisers.

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