Ideaology Declares IEO Collaboration and Subsequent Itemizing of IDEA Token with Alternate


PRESS RELEASE. Ideaology, the blockchain-oriented company that is building a digital ecosystem by stimulating the market and leveraging its global workforce, today announced an agreement with Exchange for a public sale and subsequent listing of the Ideaology Token (IDEA) on Bitcoin .com Exchange known.

Ideaology consists of a freelance platform that can accommodate most of the staff needed to develop projects. The platform’s mission is to provide employment opportunities for a wide variety of freelancers and entrepreneurs, a digital marketplace where platform users can sell or buy digital assets and services, as well as:

  • Share materials and experiences.
  • An idea launch pad.
  • A collection of innovative and inventive personalities to create a creative colony for introducing and introducing revolutionary ideas.
  • A funding base from individuals and companies interested in supporting new projects, whether through direct partnerships or through crowdfunding options available on the platform.

Ideaology creates a unique collaborative digital community and a fertile environment for the future of business development.

Ideaology is from Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and was founded by co-founders Khaled Alkalbani and Amar Kovačević. However, the company has come a long way from the original idea and today the Ideaology team has over 20 members from around the world. Like many startups, Ideaology is using the exact model it promotes, as most of the team members work remotely, have been hired by freelance platforms, and use crowdfunding methods to support early development and expansion.

With the upcoming public sale and subsequent launch on Exchange, the IDEA (Ideaology) token is becoming the cornerstone of the Active Idea ecosystem, providing startups and innovators the supportive and dynamic environment to ensure that every idea is the best possible Chance of success.

As one of the leading digital asset cryptocurrency exchanges, Exchange was selected as the platform of choice for Ideaology’s new ERC20 token (IDEA) to begin public sale in late January. Upon completion of such a public sale, IDEA will be listed for trading on the Exchange.

Amar Kovačević, Co-Founder of Ideaology, said, “With the upcoming public sale and subsequent launch on Exchange, the IDEA token (Ideaology) will become the cornerstone of the Active Idea ecosystem that supports startups and innovators and is dynamic Environment to ensure that each idea has the best possible chance of success. “

Danish Chaudhry, CEO of Exchange, said, “At Exchange we are constantly building a wider ecosystem, opening new horizons and starting the New Year with a bang in the form of the public sale of IDEA.” Chaudhry drives continued: “After the great performance of our previous IEO (ATRI), we are very excited that Ideaology, a visionary for the future of digital marketplaces, has chosen our exchange to accelerate the growth of their token by aligning its public sale on our platform . “

Why choose IDEA?

Its uniqueness and its exceptional potential to invigorate the market and harness the global workforce, who are turning more than ever to remote work, are the primary meanings of the Ideaology and its ecosystem for active ideas. It’s hard not to acknowledge the perfect time and circumstances under which such a platform may become a business development tool in the near future. The blockchain base, which offers cutting edge technological solutions and scaling options for the ever increasing demand of such economies, is the groundbreaking factor that sets it apart from anything currently available on the market. Ideaology and Active Idea offer a macro-level solution. They should create a platform for solving problems and develop these solutions into successful and profitable companies for the benefit of all involved.

For more information, please visit the Ideaology website here.

Be part of the progress

The ideology has a great future ahead of it and closes and develops gaps in the future of digital marketplaces. Exchange will kick off the process over the next few weeks by opening a portal for users to go through the KYC / AML verification before the token sale takes place in January. For more information, keep up to date on our portal below and follow our social networks.

Learn more about Exchange here.

What is a public sale / IEO?

In short, an initial exchange offer, commonly known as an IEO, is a fundraiser managed by an exchange. In contrast to an Initial Coin Offering (ICO), in which the project team carries out the fundraising itself, an Initial Exchange Offering means that the fundraising is carried out on the fundraising platform of a well-known exchange, similar to the upcoming Exchange Launchpad user can buy tokens with money directly from their own wallet.

Information on Exchange Exchange’s mission is to enable people from all over the world to easily and confidently trade cryptocurrencies, from first-time traders to advanced trading professionals. With high liquidity, multilingual support around the clock and dozens of trading pairs, complemented by a high level of security, we offer an attractive platform for trading cryptocurrencies. Within a year of launch, our exchange has had an average of over 500,000 active traders per month, and that number continues to grow as you read this sentence.

About ideaology

Ideaology is a Dubai-based blockchain-focused company building a digital ecosystem – Active IDEA – in which a community of professionals and companies will work, invest and grow together. The Active IDEA platform connects all the likely employees of a successful company, including innovators, professionals, consultants, and investors. The ecosystem is based on blockchain technology, which makes it possible to operate an efficient and decentralized economy based on the IDEA token (Ideaology).

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