I Made A Million At Credit score Restore With Vamba Freeman


Daniel Rosen 00:00

Hey, Credit Heroes. Today we’re going to talk with credit repair millionaire Vamba Leon Freeman. He built his credit repair business up to a million dollars in just a few years. And today, he’s going to share his secrets of exactly how he did this. So, you better stick around!


So, the big question is this, how can we take our passion for helping people with their credit and turn it into a successful business without taking loans, without spending a fortune by bootstrapping it from nothing, so we can help the most people and still become highly profitable? That is the question, and this podcast will give you the answer. My name is Daniel Rosen, and welcome to Credit Repair Business Secrets.


OK, let’s get into this. Vamba Freeman recently made it into the Millionaire’s Club by making over a million dollars in his Credit Repair Cloud. Here’s his award that I just pulled off the wall of our Credit Repair Cloud offices. And today, he’s going to share with us exactly how he did it. So, please welcome to the podcast Credit Repair Cloud Millionaire’s Club member Vamba Freeman. Welcome, Vamba! Welcome to the podcast!


Vamba Freeman 01:19

Thank you, Daniel. It’s a pleasure to be here with you, and I just want to thank you for making my life easier for me. Once Credit Repair Cloud was introduced to me, it truly changed everything. It truly changed everything.


Daniel Rosen 01:34

What? Were you doing it all manually before?


Vamba Freeman 01:36

Yes, I was doing everything manually before. I didn’t have a CRM? I have a bunch of folders created. It made my life simple.


Daniel Rosen 01:45

Well, I’m happy you found us. And how does… And I see you got your big award behind you. How does that feel to win that?


Vamba Freeman 01:53

It feels great. It’s an awesome achievement. Never in my life… I’m an immigrant from Sierra Leone, a refugee from two wars. I truly should not be here. That’s what I like to tell people. I’ve seen the worst of life, and I’m here. And I’m fighting hard to achieve. So far, have an IT degree, but I’ve strongly felt like helping people. It has always been in my nature to help people. And credit repair for me has been very personal because I’ve been there, and I know how it feels. And just helping these people and changing lives every day is like a feel… Every time I get kudos, every time I get a positive review, an email – thank you very much. That’s fuel to my life. I just the cafe 90, and Credit Repair Cloud has truly made it possible. Because if the CRM wasn’t available, to be quite honest, I’d probably give up by now because trying to keep track of everybody, keep track of your work, especially dealing with these updates every month… I would have given up by now. That’s just been 100% honest. It has surely simplified things for me.


Daniel Rosen 03:03

Well, and you sure use it. You’re doing incredible. You’re doing… You’ve got so many clients! Can I say how many clients you have?


Vamba Freeman 03:12

Yes, you may. I’m proud. I’m proud he is


Daniel Rosen 03:15

You have almost a thousand clients. That is amazing! But I want to get to that in a minute. First, I want to find out. You said you’re originally from Sierra Leone.


Vamba Freeman 03:25



Daniel Rosen 03:26

Where are you right now?


Vamba Freeman 03:27

Right now, I’m in Sacramento, California. I live in Elk Grove. My offices in Sacramento, California.


Daniel Rosen 03:32

Nice. And when did you come from Sierra Leone?


Vamba Freeman 03:36

I came from Sierra Leone at the age of 10. Close to 11. I grew up in San Jose for about few years and moved to Sacramento late 1999. My family moved up here


Daniel Rosen 03:50

and what were you doing before credit repair before credit


Vamba Freeman 03:53

repair I worked for an IT utility company of IT degree. That’s a work I worked for for utility come through almost eight years.


Daniel Rosen 04:02

So what got you into credit repair?


Vamba Freeman 04:05

I had a great job and lost my job got injured it lost my job. And when that happened, I couldn’t work. I lost I lost everything that everything went downhill. I lost everything. During that process of channel fight my previous employer, I went homeless because I couldn’t work. I was homeless for almost six months, couchsurfing for six months. And that I think that was a I was tell people there’s always a reset moment in everybody’s life. I knew my reset moment was now there’s something I was supposed to learn from what was happening to me and any just happened that by my credit being damaged because I wasn’t working fully attend to my previous obligations that that my credit went downhill. I began homeless I couldn’t get a plate I couldn’t finance a piece of gum if I had to So that’s what that’s what really opened my eyes in regards to the importance of the importance of credit and how credit makes this whole economy how this whole recovery revolves around credit. So, when I tell people is personal for me is extremely personal for me because every that’s that’s that’s what I have grown my clientele base to. Because every time I get my I talk to every single one of my clients there’s no robot involved. I talk to every single one of my clients I enroll every single one of my all consultations are done through me. So, for me, I want to talk to all my clients I want to know I want to know what was the reason for repairing their credit that’s one of the biggest thing to find out that’s the first thing I asked my client What is your reason? Why would you like to repair your credit if you find out the why Deak until the person is truly as motivated, he can help them get today gold? Wow.


Daniel Rosen 05:57

But how did you first start to learn credit repair,


Vamba Freeman 05:59

I first learned in credit repair when when I first got into my credit, my credit rot. And I went up to individual Dan to San Jose and asked him to help me repair my credit. And the whole process will kind of do me it was T humane it the way I was treated, not picking up phone calls out of drive to San Jose several times just to just to get things taken care of. I just didn’t like the whole process. And and I started doing a little research. And when I found out that about 43% of US household have issues with their credit. And I’m like That’s me. That’s That’s me. That’s I’m one of the 43%. And it turns out a lot of people don’t know where to turn a lot of people on like myself, I didn’t even believe that you could challenge some of these things or your credit, you could reach out to creditors and try to settle some of your debt. I didn’t believe my I believe in the myth that seven years everything will be fine. That was my remedy to credit repair. Seven years everything will be fine. Wow, I did my research and actually reached out to the fellow that helped me and say, Hey, can you help me? Can you teach me? Can you teach me how you how you repair credit and actually paid him for him to teach me. So, it was a it was a $1,500 investment. And I drove from here to San Jose every Saturday and I spent a whole day in his office working for free. Just so I can learn the basics.


Daniel Rosen 07:33

That’s awesome. And then how did you start to turn that into a business? Was that a long process?


Vamba Freeman 07:40

When I first started I had as few family members Hey, can I help you with your credit? You know people that know you like you’re you’re an IT guy? How do you what do you know? Yeah, so it was there was there was that curve there’s that learning curve and people turned me down they want to release the personal information because that’s not what they know me. That’s not what they normally four didn’t know me for. They didn’t need me for it and and I love photography too. So, they know me for those two things. So, but that never determined because I knew that once I help one person that will lead to another person now lead to another person that leads to another person. But I’ve never deterred me I remember when I first started it the first two months I only had three clients to three months.


Daniel Rosen 08:26

But you got them results. Yes. And then you had stories to tell to the next client. Exactly. Did it take a lot of money to launch the business initially?


Vamba Freeman 08:37

No, it did not take a lot of money to launch the business the initial costs my month investment to get this started with regards to paying the $1,500 fee for him to teach me in actually getting a CRM because when when I learned I learned a manual way and and I did research online and I came across you guys and when my IT background it’s like OK, I need a solution no there’s a better way to for me to to help my clients and be more efficient that efficiency is always what I’m looking for. And I came across you guys and the fee was I was also my life last time to I don’t know if I can say the fee was like 299 Like it’s a lot of money like the 189 a month that’s a lot of money but I saw the benefit and I was asked myself does it benefit outweighs the cost and I could see that the benefits short does outweigh the cost so it it hesitate.


Daniel Rosen 09:34

That’s awesome. Is this your first business or have you always been entrepreneurial


Vamba Freeman 09:39

always? I’ve always been entrepreneurial. But this is my first successful business. I’ve done I’ve sold Nice. So, vacuums have done marketing in supermarkets but but all these things kind of prepare me For this moment, that’s how I looked at a prepared me. You know, all those all those coaching from every single sales sales job that I’ve done on the side, prepare me for this moment how to talk to my clients how to solve issues. It got me here.


Daniel Rosen 10:16

That’s awesome. You know, this is my first successful, successful business too. I tried lots and lots of things, and I was homeless as well. Oh, no, it’s surprising. I’ve interviewed so many of our millionaires, club members, and a whole lot of them have been homeless. Wow. It’s really fascinating. So, I want to know, what’s the most important thing you’ve learned in your business?


Vamba Freeman 10:42

The most important thing I’ve learned so far in this industry is to be patient with people. Just being patient and being humble. Definitely not letting success get to it. Just being patient with people. And they taught me a lot. And it’s taught me to be patient with people.


Daniel Rosen 11:01

Did that come naturally? Or was it different before you learn that?


Vamba Freeman 11:05

I think my situation that I went through, it’s helped me to be humble. It’s taught me that what is given can be taken. So, that’s what really got me to be more more humble. Awesome, knowing where I’m from, what others go through on another side of the world. All of that has made me humble, more humble.


Daniel Rosen 11:28

It’s amazing. And now you have close to 1000 clients. And we were looking earlier, Kenan, I, I don’t see a big online presence for your business. So, I want to know, how do you get so many clients, what’s your secret,


Vamba Freeman 11:43

I’m result-driven. I always tell people I haven’t run any ads in over two years. And majority of my clients are referral-based. And I have clients from Seattle down to Fresno, all way to Midwest, Indiana, New York, down Florida. And it has been Word of Mouth. Ear, the word of mouth. I don’t play with another man’s heart on money. They give me the pay me to do a job. Um, make sure I stay on top of things and execute everything that I say I was going to do for them at the best of my ability. And as the respect of keep gaining among my clients, I am so overwhelmed with business right now I’m afraid to put up ads because I feel like in my lower my quality of my quality that is I don’t care about quantity, I care more about quality, care about the level of service service that I’m providing for my clients. So, that’s why I don’t run too much online ads, because every day I’m getting phone calls every day.


Daniel Rosen 12:58

That’s amazing. So, you’re not running ads, you’re not doing social media, you have automations people always think that’s so important. But it sounds like you don’t need that either. Do you have them? No. automations you’re just awesome at what you do. And really good at working with people. Yes. I think people listening to this or watching this podcast need to hear that. Because people always think they need all these bells and whistles. And automations and doodads and it really is just the basics of being good with people, isn’t it?


Vamba Freeman 13:34

Yeah, that’s, that’s all just the biggest thing is just remember, that’s the thing, every single client that I talk to, I don’t skip a problem, never skip a process. If it comes down to even taking their first name, I’m repeating their first name it phonetically save each letter. All that counts, people don’t people don’t all that counts is as an apple, be as important people, it just shows that you care, you know, you’re not just taking the name and hurry up and punch the things and jumping on and go on to the next person. All of all my conversations start with how are you doing? You have, you know, I take it on a personal level. You know, and and, and people truly appreciate that I take the I take things on the personal level, talk to him first ask them Well, the biggest thing is just check with them why you fix your credit. And when I’m done, I’m on it because I have network of realtors that I work with when I’m done. I have lenders that I work with to when I’m done, I’ll make sure I place you in the right hand somebody that has the same value as that do that make sure that you’re taking care of and that’s that is that’s how I’ve been so successful thus far in credit repair.


Daniel Rosen 14:49

Awesome. And those realtors and mortgage people are those other kinds of businesses. Are they sending you clients as well? Yes they


Vamba Freeman 14:56

are. This this every every day I get multiple emails every day, I am getting text messages, phone calls, they always send me clients and, and I get a lot of shout outs from their, from their clientele base. And they say that’s the guy to go to reach out to him. And that that right there tells me I’m doing something, right? Absolutely.


Daniel Rosen 15:19

So fact I want to go back a little bit to to the clients and the service you provide and how you communicate with them? How often do you communicate with your clients? Every 30 days? And what can what do you do in that? Check in with them?


Vamba Freeman 15:36

Every 30 days, we actually do our import, take a screenshot and email them the progress because most clients don’t log into the portal to see what’s going on. Either we send them text message and tell them to log into the portal to see what’s going on. But every every 30 days, we do imports and we send them an update just to keep them engaged.


Daniel Rosen 16:00

Yeah, so many people don’t communicate with their clients and then they wonder why their clients leave. Yeah, and it’s just that simple, isn’t it? They you just keep them informed what’s happening. Yeah, yeah. Now I saw on your Facebook you have a really cool office have you worked out of an office this whole time or did you start at home


Vamba Freeman 16:21

or I worked out office my reason for working on off yes, I can work from home. But it just legitimize it just my opinion. I think it just legitimize because a lot of the a lot of people that have done wrong people in this industry. In legitimize me legitimize my office, people know where to find me, they can Google me. I really have walkins people really walk into it. Maybe once a meeting once a week, I’ll have one person walk into my office. So, is just here to legitimize my business. Awesome. I like the quiet. The quiet out my kids at home, I have the refrigerator at home. I’m more productive away from the house.


Daniel Rosen 17:05

Yes, same for me. During the pandemic, everyone’s working from home. But I’ve been here all through the whole time. I like getting away. Yeah. Yeah, you can concentrate more. I saw in one of the pictures of your office, you had this really great quote that said, Take care of your clients. And they’ll take care of you. Yes. Simple as that. Is there a story behind that? Yeah,


Vamba Freeman 17:32

the story behind that is how my business I’ve grown. My business I’ve grown based on my level of professionalism towards my client. Just taking care of them is pretty cheap. Treat others the way you like to be treated as a simple as that. Am I perfect? No, I’m not perfect. But I’ll do my best to other clients every once in a while that my house might slip through the cracks. Yeah, their clients that might slip through the cracks every once in a while. But am I performing at 90 percentile? He has some performing a 90% on my 98 percentile? Yes, my 98% the 2% that I cannot please yes, it might be that 2% That I cannot please. But I will do my best to make sure that if I’m wrong, I call my clients and let them know that I’m wrong. There is no there’s no I’m high and mighty. And no, we all make mistakes. I have made my mistakes in this business. But it’s all about how you treat your clients when you know you’re wrong. Not just pushing them society so we can go I know I’m going to get multiple clients. I don’t I don’t need you. Bad news travels fast. That’s the biggest thing to to remember bad bad news travel fast. And I surely believe in that. And if my clients not happy, I’m calling them China figure out where I went wrong and how I how I should not repeat that mistake again. I’m not, I don’t just push things to the side and say OK, next, next next, you know,


Daniel Rosen 18:59

very, very smart. Do you have a team?


Vamba Freeman 19:02

Yes, I have a team of there have been times where I actually have work in this office by myself for a couple of months. Do you do to turn over my happy with because I am looking when I’m trying to put a team together. I know how dedicated I am. And I’m trying to put people together as dedicated as I am. And if I don’t see that in an employee, I let them go. Because it takes one bad apple to ruin a whole bunch. So, if I don’t see if if I have to put in an extra hour at work, three to four more hours to cover up the person that was here and I wasn’t doing what they were supposed to do then I have to do it has been time I have worked by myself for three, four months. And I’ve done my best to stay on top of things as a team, all three of us here. I have a receptionist I have a young lady to help some helps with my updates after I deal with the first the first round of things is the same with three of us hopefully to grow but I want to take My time I’m taking my time to grow because once again, it’s quality, not quantity.


Daniel Rosen 20:05

Absolutely. What does having a team do for you,


Vamba Freeman 20:09

having a team built gives you that support, delegating, delegating certain tasks because you cannot be everywhere at once. And when, during the height of the pandemic, there, some clients just didn’t understand that we we cannot just all be in the same environment there’s some client strongly believe that once they come to a credit repair firm to help them there’s a button there is push, everything just disappears. And we were falling behind. Due to that have due to us not having to me enough, there’s there’s three of us here, everybody has a task as if, you know, doing a pedantic if you’re coughing or sneezing, you’re not talking to the office, it’s not happening. So, that’s, that’s where you know, you truly need your team, when you guys are gelling and one person is not their workload, lot of workload falls on the other people. And you guys have to cover for that person. That’s what a team does for you. It makes it makes a big difference. But not just having a team but a team that has the same vision and drivers as


Daniel Rosen 21:18

you. Absolutely. And now that the team is freed up some of your time, what are you focusing on the most in your business?


Vamba Freeman 21:28

Right now I am focusing on now I have a little bit a little bit of time I’m working on getting my real estate license. Awesome, because I want to add a notch on my belt. Because a lot of my clients hails though my clients come to me needing that help. So, once one stop shop, I’m helping them on that level. vein, help them help give because there’s my clients trust me, that’s why they sent their family member, I had a story to tell you. I had a client that told me, W’ere not going to tell anybody about you until you help our entire family first. So, you help our family first before we tell anybody about you. Because we don’t want them we don’t want them to overwhelm you. So, that’s the, that’s that level of trust. So, with in this in all of them in that family, most of them want to buy houses, most of them want to buy houses. So, my my goal in vision is to create a one stop shop. Whether it be for life insurance, get my getting my life insurance license, getting my real estate license, just a one stop shop, my clients did something, let me just help them. Help them right there and then get over it. Make the life easy for them. Very, very smart.


Daniel Rosen 23:00

What do you think is your biggest superpower in business?


Vamba Freeman 23:03

Oh, my biggest superpower, my kids? Oh, wow. I always say to myself that poverty ends with me. I said I was going to be the I’ll be the first person that will hit that million dollar mark. And I’ve hit that. And for them now they’re saying that that’s my biggest superpower in business is to is to leave a legacy for them. Now I’ve hit that I hit that ceiling. Now the sky’s the limit for them to hopefully, because every generation is supposed to live better than next generation. And I’m doing better than my dad. My dad did better than his dad. You know, and I want them to do better me because now they see that there there is no glass ceiling they can do better to That’s what drives me the most.


Daniel Rosen 23:52

That’s awesome. Creating generational wealth. Yeah, exactly. What would you do differently if you started your business from scratch today?


Vamba Freeman 24:03

First time my business was crashed today. What I’ll do differently is try to get a team together because I’m so used to doing things by myself. I think that’s that’s one of the that’s one of my biggest faults because I am I’m a workhorse I love to work and we love to work you just feel like I can do it. I can do it. I got I will do I’ll put in the hours. Building that building that strong building that team. It does make a difference.


Daniel Rosen 24:35

Absolutely. Yep. For the first more than 10 years of our business. It was just me wearing


Vamba Freeman 24:43

all the hats. Look Wow. That’s up to you.


Daniel Rosen 24:46

I was Phil on sales. I was Tammy on support. Yeah, I little pictures of the people that I was pretending to be because you got to do what you got to do to get things started. Yeah, but it’s It nearly killed me trying to do everything Yeah, especially when customers came into the picture when it started actually work. It was just too overwhelming. You got to


Vamba Freeman 25:07

get healthy, does it? Is it scalable? That’s absolutely cheap.


Daniel Rosen 25:12

Yeah. So, you’re what you would have done is get help sooner. Yeah. I think that’s what I would do, too. Yeah, that was where I really, really went wrong. So, that I’m glad you have a team. That’s so good. Yeah. OK, now we’re going to do something, we’re going to switch gears. And we’re going to go into a rapid fire of questions where you answer whatever pops into your head for, you know, just a couple of words or a sentence of whatever pops into your mind. OK.


Vamba Freeman 25:39

All right. All right.


Daniel Rosen 25:41

If you could go back in time, what do you know, now that you wish you’d known when you first started?


Vamba Freeman 25:49

advertise more?


Daniel Rosen 25:50

Ah, OK, what’s the most important lesson you’ve learned as a business owner?


Vamba Freeman 25:56

The most important lesson I learned as a business owner is, like I said, we’ll go back again to the to building the team. Now, don’t put that responsibility on your shoulder, you know, too much responsible because your clients need us your family needs you. Yeah, this building a team is, is important. Yeah. And have a life?


Daniel Rosen 26:17

Is there a book that’s changed your life, or that you’d recommend


Vamba Freeman 26:21

a book to have changed my life the most is have it right here that I read every now and then, is Marketing Outrageously? Not to be shy. Just approaching people and, and don’t, don’t, it’s it has, and there was another book that changed my life, I always forget the name of it, which I give it to one of my I gave it to one of my employees a year back years back, but there’s a quote in there that always other resume me. And it says life is like, um, the way the way it was framed, it’s like life, life’s like bunch of wild mustangs in a in a while. OK, if one if the opportunity is like watching wild mustangs in the wild, if you see it, and it’s a nice opportunity, grab on to it and don’t let go riding as long as you can. And that is how I see the credit repair business is a great opportunity. I was reading that book around that time, and I’d held on to it and I live and never let go this year. And we got to find that I got to find an I’ll send you the name later.


Daniel Rosen 27:36

OK, cool. What is business ownership mean to you? It means


Vamba Freeman 27:41

everything. It means freedom. It means freedom. They have the ability to create your own schedule, take your own vacation. Make sure you You defy your own earnings. You don’t have to report to anybody but your clients, your clients become your bosses. You have multiple bosses. That’s how I look at things. People always tell me Oh, you work for yourself. You don’t have a boss know how bosses have multiple bosses that I have to answer to. That’s how that’s how I look at it. That’s how I look at the business owner. I have multiple bosses that I report to. And I love I love the freedom to to the Korea my own income work as long as I want some days I work two hours neither work one. Some days I work as much as I’m here from 5am. I don’t leave to 10pm at night. Yeah, I love that freedom. That’s awesome.


Daniel Rosen 28:34

Last question. What’s your advice to anyone right now out there watching this who wants to start a credit repair business?


Vamba Freeman 28:43

Do it – 43% of Americans need help with their credit. You can’t go wrong. This just remember – if you do decide to do it, if you do decide to help others, don’t just get into it for the money. Money will come. But, it’s not what it’s all about. If you take care of people, it’s like fuel of dreams. If you build it, they will come. Take your time, build it, understand it, understand your clients’ need. Some people get into it hoping, wishing, thinking they’ll get into it, make quick money, and leave. Or get into it and take advantage of… People come into it with a wrong mindset. If you… If you’re gonna do it… If you’re going to get into this business, get into it, and just have that feel of dream mentality. Just build it. If you build it, they will come. And that has been, that has been my mindset since I started this business. And I’m building it, and they’re coming. I’m not running ads. I don’t have a Facebook presence. And I don’t have, I don’t have any fancy… The only thing I have is this Credit Repair Cloud to help me with some automations. But other than that, I don’t have… I’m not running any fancy adds, I’m not doing any fancy IG postings. I’m just taking care of people. That’s, that’s… I’m just taking care of people. That’s my primary objective is to help people. And the rest will follow.


Daniel Rosen 30:15

Well said. That was beautiful. I love that. Yeah, so many people just want to chase the money. And it’s really about helping people and really changing lives. And if you do that, the money does come.


Vamba Freeman 30:28

Yeah, it does. It does. It does. It will come in abundance. That I will tell you for sure, once you keep people happy. I had… When I was running… Months that I’m running this business by myself… I don’t have a department… an accounting department. I am the accounting department. I don’t have a collection department. I don’t chase my clients for money. They will call me and say, Hey, yeah, you guys haven’t debited my account yet for full service. What’s going on? Because I’m trying to do everything myself. They were, they will remind me because they’re seeing, you’re seeing the changes that I’m bringing to their lives where they don’t feel like they’ve been had. They see the changes. They see that I’m actually doing exactly what I’m sales to do. I’m on a follow-up with them. When they call me… My clients have my cell phone number. They have my desk number. They have the office number. They have email. All my clients have my cell phone numbers on my card. There’s no, Oh, you can’t get ahold of me, you know… My cell phone numbers are on my card. If they want it, I give it to them. There’s no such thing as Oh, I can’t get ahold of that guy. No. Because I know that’s one of the biggest mistakes people make in this industry where the clients cannot get ahold of.


Daniel Rosen 31:51

Absolutely. Wow, that is really, really good advice. Thank you so much for your time today. I really appreciate you. You’re so inspiring. And congratulations again on the Millionaire’s Club Award and all of your success. You deserve it.


Vamba Freeman 32:07

Thank you very much.


Daniel Rosen 32:08

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Vamba Freeman 32:33

Thank you, Daniel. It was a pleasure talking to you. And I just want to thank you for putting together such fabulous software. It does exactly what you say it’s supposed to do. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to even operate it. All you need is a heart and your willingness to help others. And you have an awesome team. There has not been a time when I have emailed you guys and requested help where I don’t get a pingback immediately. So, all of that… And the software is never down. There is not a down moment. Even if something goes wrong, you guys are on it, and it’s backed up in a matter of minutes or hours, whatever. But it’s… There hasn’t been a time where I ever felt like Credit Repair Cloud is not software for me. It has been a hit every single year. And I just want to thank you. I mean, I just want to thank you. You guys, you have… Your vision has truly changed my life. And, I will continuously help people vicariously through your software.


Daniel Rosen 33:48

Well, thank you so much for amp up. I really appreciate that. And have a great day, you guys. Keep changing lives!


Hey, everybody, it’s Daniel again. And really quick, I’d like to invite you to join what I believe is the best thing we have ever created inside the Credit Repair Cloud community. And it is a challenge that we call the Credit Hero Challenge. If you’re just planning out your business, or you’re just getting it started, and you dream of having a successful business of your own, so you can quit your nine to five and fire your boss and have financial freedom, or so you can add another revenue stream to your existing business – if that’s your dream, you need to get into this challenge! We created this challenge to help you to create and launch your very own credit repair business to build a proper foundation for a really successful business. This challenge is going to help you to understand the strategy, the tactics, and all the things you need to be successful at credit repair. It really is the greatest thing we have ever built, and it will change your life. So, I recommend you do it right now. Stop everything, pause this audio, go online and go to CreditHeroChallenge.com. That’s CreditHeroChallenge.com. And join the next challenge. And there’s a challenge that’s starting in just a few days. So, go get started right now at CreditHeroChallenge.com.

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