I Made a Million at Credit score Restore with Robin Sobomehin!


Daniel Rosen 0:00
Hey credit heroes. Today we’re going to talk with our newest credit repair millionaire Robin show Bama hain. And Robin is going to explain how she went from a dead end job with a three hour commute to creating a credit repair business from home that completely paid for itself. And he’s made over a million dollars in revenue, so you better stick around. So the big question is this, how can we take our passion for helping people with their credit and turn it into a successful business without taking loans without spending a fortune by bootstrapping it from nothing? So we can help the most people and still become highly profitable? That is the question, and this podcast will give you the answer. My name is Daniel Rosen, and welcome to Credit Repair Business Secrets. If this is your first time listening to our podcast, every week we cover industry news, financial tips, and entrepreneurial advice for bootstrapping your business from nothing. This show is essentially a how to guide for business owners. And there’s no other podcasts like it, so be sure to click on that subscribe button below and get ready to start changing lives. Okay, let’s get started. Our guest today is our newest credit repair millionaire. She is here to share her secrets with us. So please welcome to the podcast, credit repair millionaire Robin Sobomehin. Hey, Robin. Welcome. Thank you. Thank you. So you did welcome and congratulations on hitting the millionaire’s club. Thank you so much. That is huge. I know you have worked very hard to get there.

Robin Sobomehin 1:48
Oh, yes. Yes. It’s been an exciting ride.

Daniel Rosen 1:52
Well, I want to know everything. But let’s start with the basics. Where are you?

Robin Sobomehin 1:57
Well, so I’m located in northwest Indiana. And originally, it started in Illinois, which is a neighboring state. But yeah, I’m in Northwest Indiana, and we are servicing most states at this point.

Daniel Rosen 2:11
That’s amazing. And, and I know you’ve got a lot of clients and so they’re they’re pretty much all over the country.

Robin Sobomehin 2:19
We’ve got clients in most states. Yes. Yes. I mean, we travel fast with good businesses. You know, I mean, so yeah, we’ve, we’ve got clients and most agents, it’s, I would say that we’ve serviced well over 2000 clients at this point.

Daniel Rosen 2:34
Wow, that is incredible. And now, I want to know, what was your life like before credit repair,

Robin Sobomehin 2:41
it seems so long ago now. But life before credit repair was going to work working? You know, it was, the truth is it was a dead end job. There was no growth in order for me to grow at the company that I worked at, I would have had to go back to school for four years, just to advance because it was, you know, there was just a cap on where you could grow and what you could do. So to just take that and make that your reality like so this is it. You know, I’m in my early 40s. And this is the best that he gets like, it’s just this is not okay. No way. So yeah, I was living paycheck to paycheck having to plan out everything. Exactly. That’s just not what I wanted for my life.

Daniel Rosen 3:27
Yeah. And you were spending half your day in the car. Yeah, that’s yes.

Robin Sobomehin 3:31
So I would on a good day and good traffic, it would be an hour and a half going just one way. And I recall, I think the turning point was when I was in traffic for six hours, coming home, because there was an accident and all this craziness. And I said okay, so this isn’t going to work. This is not the life that I want to see myself living, go to work just to cook, go to bed, you know, same thing. Not okay.

Daniel Rosen 3:57
What specifically happened that gave you that spark to change your life? Yeah.

Robin Sobomehin 4:03
So one day I was at work, and I just, I’m calling it a panic attack, I had a panic attack, I was sitting in my car, and all of a sudden, just everything that I thought was my normal and it was okay, just was no longer okay. And so I thought about and I said, you know, I’m not the type of person that’s just going to sit and you know, just accept this situation. I know, for me, I have to do something else. So I started thinking, I said, What is it that I was able to overcome that, you know, that was a problem in my life, and credit just kept coming back. And so I said, maybe there’s something to this. And so all of a sudden, when I thought about that, everything just started, you know, the pieces started coming together. And when I did a little research, I found this software and I’m like, really, you know, so I put this little package together and I called my husband, you know, and I told him I said this was on my way home from work and I’ll never forget this like you Yesterday, I can remember this. And I called him I said, you know, I want to quit my job, and I want to start a business and I want to do credit. And he’s like, slow down, wait a minute, quit jobs. That’s all he heard, right? And so he’s like, nobody’s quitting the job, that’s not going to happen. So I told him, I said, Look, if I can match my income, if I can match my income in the next six months, then are you okay with this? And he said, and I asked him, like, do you trust me? And he said, Yes, I trust you. Let’s see what happens. And in six months to that day, my job was in my way. So I’m like, I’m out of here, and it’s over. best decision ever made this decision? Oh, my God, it’s

Daniel Rosen 5:40
so awesome. And so you said you had history with credit? Did you have credit issues earlier in life? Oh, absolutely.

Robin Sobomehin 5:47
Absolutely. And in fact, I thought that 500 was normal, you know, and I didn’t realise the importance of credit. And when I needed my credit, I couldn’t get credit. And I didn’t understand. I just knew nothing. Wow, how can I know nothing about credit, you know, so five, hundreds couldn’t get anything paying more for everything I wanted. If I wanted to car I have to put down so much money and you know, credit cards, I only get the bare minimum. And, and so once I realised what this looks like, I was able to then change my life. So I started researching on credit and what that that whole process is. So I really feel as though I know that I was self taught. I was my best student. So once I get through that, I know that I can now help someone else. So after understanding what those consumer laws are, and what the rules and regulations are, I’m like, What’s love stuff? That wasn’t fair? That is sitting on my reports, and I had no idea. And so I thought, if I didn’t know, there’s probably a lot of people who also don’t know. And turns out I was right.

Daniel Rosen 6:52
Oh, yeah. There’s so many people out there needing help with their credit. Yeah. So how did you start to actually turn it into a business? Because that’s a big step.

Robin Sobomehin 7:03
It was a big step, it was a big step. And so when I saw that there was this 30 day free trial, I said, okay, there, I don’t have any money to invest. So that means if I’m going to do this 30 day trial, in 30 days, I’m going to ask clients to pay, and oh, my gosh, I started that 30 day trial, and I got one client, and my thing was every, if I can get a client, that means I can get another client. And that was my rotation. So in 30 days, I had four clients. And it has been on ever since. So the beautiful part about my story is I truly feel as though this is a rags to riches story, because I didn’t invest anything. And here I am in the millionaire’s club, this business has 100% paid more. So from the advertising, you know, to the software, the software was everything for me. And so for that I’m so grateful with Thank you. Because here we are,

Daniel Rosen 8:03
this is amazing. And I’m so grateful for you to come on and share your story. I’m so happy for you. So you’re on the free trial of credit repair cloud. And you knew the end of the 30 days was coming. And you started getting clients that month. Yes, absolutely. That’s incredible. How did you get those first pen clients.

Robin Sobomehin 8:25
So, you know, I honestly feel like I’m like, I could do a commercial one credit repair cloud. I am the spokesman for this. Because everything that I needed was right there. And so this is what I call a business in a box. Everything I needed was right there completely. And so there is a tab that says I can’t remember. But it’s something about your return on investment. If you have this amount of clients, this is what it will be if you follow these steps. That’s exactly what it was. And I followed it to the letter fall into letter. And so as I’m looking at these numbers, I’m getting excited. I’m like, oh, so if I get 10 clients, this is how much I’ll have. And all I had to do was this, you know, just based off what that process looks like. It just made it so easy. It’s so simple, if you just follow the plan. And that’s exactly what I did. So, I mean, it didn’t it didn’t take me long to get to where we are four months into this programme. I knew for a fact that there’s no way I would ever work for anyone else is there’s no reason to. So I am beyond grateful. I’m so excited. Because of this business. We’ve been able to venture out into so many different avenues, just things that there’s no way I would have ever been able to do.

Daniel Rosen 9:36
Wow. Well, I want to talk about that. But I want to go back a step. Because you said something really profound. You don’t we write all the steps there. We make it easy just to check off a list here all the things to do, but very few people actually do them. Most people just kind of dabble you’re really a doer. So that is really I want to commend you for that, because that’s amazing that it’s really, really, really amazing. And and do you have a business background? Have you been entrepreneurial in the past? So

Robin Sobomehin 10:10
I’ve always been an entrepreneur in my head, right? So I prior to prior to credit repair, I was I was working in sales and marketing. So I understand what that dynamic is. But to be in a business that was truly successful as we are where we are today. No, I didn’t have that. But yeah, I’ve always been an entrepreneur, always. And I always knew that I was not the type of person that could be put in a box and say, This is what you’re gonna do with the rest your life, not chance.

Daniel Rosen 10:45
Wow, okay. And then now, now that you’ve grown this business, how has this changed your life?

Robin Sobomehin 10:51
This is great. This is great. And what’s really important to me is realising that I’m helping so many people. That’s what feels good. So yes, I’m able to make an income, but I’m making such an impact on so many people’s lives. And I mean, it’s still to this day brings me to tears when my clients call me and they say, you know, thanks to you, I’ve been able to purchase a house or buying cars, you know, purchasing cars, big ticket items, things that they didn’t think were possible in their life, this is how I’m able to truly give back to my community is by explaining, I know where you are. So I’m speaking your language, because I’ve been there. And I know what that feels like. So if you look at me, and you look at me and say, okay, she’s been successful, you know, just based off of what she’s doing. That means you can do it, too. And so that’s what I’m preaching all day, every day.

Daniel Rosen 11:41
Wow, that is awesome. What was your biggest struggle when you’re getting started?

Robin Sobomehin 11:48
i My biggest struggle, I think was me, because I didn’t know how to shut off. Because I was I am still in go mode. And it’s exciting. As excited as I was in the beginning is I feel the same way. Now. I want to scream credit to everyone who’s willing to listen, you know, and so. So I think that might have been the biggest struggle to understand that. Okay, you have to slow down, you have to shut down. But I’m excited. So let’s talk about credit.

Daniel Rosen 12:16
Yeah, it’s hard to have that balance. Really, really is. Are you working from home? Or from an office? Yeah, I

Robin Sobomehin 12:23
work from home, I work from home. When I thought about what this business looked like, again, my thoughts were, what can I do this, that won’t cost me so much, you know, I want to do things that make sense. I don’t want to invest a whole lot of money. Initially into advertising, I don’t want to invest a lot into a brick and mortar. So let’s just bring this home, I have no intentions on getting a brick and mortar because that would mean I’d have to get dressed and go well. Now I want to do it. So everything is from home. And my clients love it. Because they can call me at any point and you know, just ask questions about things.

Daniel Rosen 12:58
Yeah. And with Zoom,

Robin Sobomehin 13:00
there is no need for an office. There’s no need. There’s no need.

Daniel Rosen 13:03
It is amazing. Now, you touched on marketing for a moment. Are you running any paid ads?

Robin Sobomehin 13:10
Yeah, so in the very beginning again, so I didn’t have any money anyway, you know, so purchase ads and stuff. So we’re talking about free ads through Facebook, advertising on Instagram, just making sure that the word is out there. My, my objective was, how can I reach people for the lowest cost humanly possible, and that was, if I’m going to be on social media, that means I’m talking about credit. And so every day consistently to this day, I mean, it was all about credit. So we had T shirts, I mean, cars that had car magnets, anytime you think about credit in this area, you got to think about me, you gotta see my face. And this was all like, virtually free, you know, very minimal costs.

Daniel Rosen 13:58
How many times are you posting a day on social media?

Robin Sobomehin 14:02
I would say on average, maybe about four or five times? Yeah, we’re we’re really aggressive.

Daniel Rosen 14:09
You know, every single, I think just about every one we’ve had 49 millionaire so far. And I think that of all the ones that I’ve interviewed, I always ask them how often they post and it’s always three or more times a day. And and and it’s been consistent, right doing it every single day. And it starts to work, doesn’t it? It

Robin Sobomehin 14:31
does. It really does. And I feel as though if people know you’re serious when you when you trust and believe in yourself, I had to bet on me in order for someone else to trust. What I tell you is the truth. You know, and so if you go to any of my social media pages, you’re gonna see me talking about credit. That’s it, and travel of course, because we travel and do disputes.

Daniel Rosen 14:53
Now I have to ask, I’m seeing it behind you. And I’m remembering now. You posted that you had a billboard, an actual Billboard, and it was that image behind you.

Robin Sobomehin 15:04
Yeah. Um, so now I probably have about maybe 10 billboards were all over.

Daniel Rosen 15:11
Wow. Yeah. Yes. Phenomenal. Billboards work.

Robin Sobomehin 15:17
Billboards really work. Yes. Yes, absolutely. I get these calls and got a like, people are teasing. They say, wait a minute, if you got a billboard, I know you’re the real deal. They’re not free. So yeah. But so all the billboards that we have the business, again, is paying for that. And I’m so thankful to be in the position where things just make sense. You know, I didn’t want to feel like I’m reinventing the wheel, I’m just gonna follow the process, trust the process, because it truly does work. I would say to people out there that, you know, feel like they’re not really sure if this is something that they want to do. You have to look at your life and decide who you are, and where you want to be. You know, and if you realise that there’s so much more to, you know, to a nine to five, there’s so much more to you saying, I’m only worth $30,000 A year being in a position to create your own salary to create your own wealth. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t give it 30 days, like let’s see what happens in 30 days, right?

Daniel Rosen 16:24
Yeah, exactly. That’s really, really good advice. So, initially, with your business, it was just you doing everything, right. Yes. And now, do you have a team now?

Robin Sobomehin 16:34
I do I do. So within, I would say, honestly, within the first three months, I knew for a fact that, that my thoughts were I’m going to try to figure out a way to get my husband to retire so he can come because I knew where this was going to be. So that’s in the works right now. But yeah, so we’ve got a small team of staff that works with us. The great thing is, because of this awesome software that I’m using, you know, if you follow this system, you don’t need that, you know, that large of a staff just simply by the way that you operate the you know, the the software. So we do have a small team, we don’t need a huge team at this point.

Daniel Rosen 17:15
How many are in your team, including you there just hold the four of us and you’re processing 1000s of clients? Yes, yes. That is phenomenal. Yes. Wow. That it will you must have systemized everything I know, you’ve you’ve talked a lot about, you have a lot of interaction with your customers, right?

Robin Sobomehin 17:36
Yes, it’s really important for me, I still feel like I want to be able to connect directly, you know, and then when they call, they’re like, Where’s Robin wish yet? So you know, I still want to have that interaction. Can’t talk to everybody all the time, of course. But yeah, the four of us were able to get things done.

Daniel Rosen 17:53
Yeah, I can imagine. And now, you also have any automations to make any of this easier with the marketing or anything? We certainly do. What are your favourite? automations?

Robin Sobomehin 18:05
Yeah, so we have a lot of the email campaigns that go out, when people reach out to us. I mean, they were reaching out from all different avenues. And when I realised like, Okay, this is overwhelming, because I have to check messenger and you know, emails and all this, we have systems in place now where, you know, regardless of how they’re reaching out, emails go out to them requesting certain information, people are able to sign up on their own, just from the website alone. So a lot of things are really moving in our favour.

Daniel Rosen 18:40
Wow, having self sign up is huge. Yes, it is that it is really, really huge. So so really, a lot of the most of the interaction is once somebody is a client, right? What does that look like when someone becomes a client? What are the touch points? How often? Are you communicating with them?

Robin Sobomehin 18:58
Yeah. So once we, for example, when people sign up online, and it’s so funny, because I wake up, I’m like, I wonder who signed up today? So you know, yeah, these email notifications of folks that have signed up, you know, we opened up that portal, get their information in. And so that’s when they would have this time with me to go over what their goals are, what it is they’re looking to do. I mean, we’re talking about maybe 15 minutes, now that I’m rushing them, but that’s pretty much about what that timeframe looks like. And so from there, we are generating their first round of letters that go out. And the most time that we’re truly spending on the on the line or through a zoom call is when we’re gathering their information to initially send out those letters. I mean, from there, it’s it’s smooth sailing, you know, but again, the lines of communication are open if they need to speak with us, but it’s not always necessary. So it’s just a good seamless process,

Daniel Rosen 19:56
but along the way, are you send Do you have drip campaign emails to existing clients? So they’re always feeling touched?

Robin Sobomehin 20:04
Oh, yeah, absolutely, absolutely. I believe in making sure that we’re constantly, you know, given knowledge and just making sure that they are aware of kind of like the do’s and don’ts. Just keeping them involved in the process in a hole is super important. And yeah, those drip campaigns go out. I think, if I’m correct, clients that are, you know, already active clients versus the prospects, they are only getting a lot of the same information. But again, it’s just important that they are in the loop. And that’s how we’re also obtaining new clients, prospective clients, they need to be nurtured. So we go send out some information like, hey, think about credit, look over here.

Daniel Rosen 20:43
Now, you said something a minute ago, I want to touch back on, you said, when you wake up in the morning, you check to see how many people signed up. And they’re doing self sign up. So you’re literally making money while you sleep? Yes, it’s amazing.

Robin Sobomehin 20:59
It is it really is. It’s nice. It’s nice, you know, and I feel as though when people know you’re serious again, that’s when they take you serious and they move forward. I mean, it’s the craziest thing, when now why haven’t you talked to these folks at all? The thing was, that was really nice. But yeah, we, you know, we were up and we get these notifications master who’s signing up, and I’ll reach out to him like, hey, let’s schedule a time to talk. Let’s get started.

Daniel Rosen 21:25
That is fantastic. And beautiful thing

Robin Sobomehin 21:28
about those automations, it just makes it so much easier. There’s no limit to the amount of people that can sign up. So that means it that I can have a less amount of staff, meaning I’m able to save more money to do the same work. And then some so works out very well.

Daniel Rosen 21:45
Brilliant. And your company. I know you just celebrated your fifth year in business. Congratulations. I want to know, these were some strange years How How did the pandemic affect your business?

Robin Sobomehin 21:58
I mean, when it first hit, I remember because we were in Hawaii, and everyone is telling us about this pandemic. And I’m like, Oh, if no pandemic yet, right? Well, it turns out it was. But it didn’t. It did not affect the business at all. In fact, we got I wouldn’t say three times the amount of clients during the pen that during the pandemic, I think that the pandemic really opened up people’s eyes and realise that credit is everything. So for my clients that were listening to me all the way, I mean, I’m getting emails and oh my gosh, thank you so much. Because had I not been prepared? I wonder where I would be, you know, your their credit was able to kind of leverage them through certain situations. But it, it didn’t affect us at all. Not in the least bit of in a negative way. It what it did was increased our sales.

Daniel Rosen 22:54
Big time. Incredible. Good for you. You had done all the work of setting it all up. And then it was like, almost like riding a wave wasn’t it?

Robin Sobomehin 23:05
Exactly, exactly. And honestly, I mean, it was scary to think because I’m like, Oh my gosh, here we are so much going on what’s going to happen? You know, I think I went through depression for like 24 hours. And my husband is like, ah, we did not come this far. You have to trust yourself. Look where we are. So he was right. So things turned out very well.

Daniel Rosen 23:25
I went through that depression to the pandemic hit and it was so disorienting, like the rug lifted out from under you and then the grocery stores with nothing there. And, and adjust everything was so freaky. But then we adapted. And I think it enabled more people to work from home. And a lot of good came out of it is rough rough time. But well, I’m so happy for you that that it had such a positive effect. I we’re running short on time. I’m going to wrap this up by by I want to ask you a few rapid questions and I want you to answer with the very first thing that pops into your head. Okay, okay. What is your business superpower? Customer service

Robin Sobomehin 24:17
all day? Yeah,

Daniel Rosen 24:18
that’s the most important thing. What does business ownership mean to you?

Robin Sobomehin 24:23
It means freedom. It means it that the only word that comes to mind truthfully is freedom. Gratitude and freedom. Definitely

Daniel Rosen 24:32
me to what drives and motivates you.

Robin Sobomehin 24:38
Truthfully, the ability to travel. That is my biggest motivation at this point. I truly feel like I started this business because I want to be able to have the freedom to travel at my leisure. And this business has offered that

Daniel Rosen 24:54
I saw pictures of you and your husband in Mexico. It looked like you were on the beach working were you running your business From a beach

Robin Sobomehin 25:00
we go everywhere we are everywhere. We’ve been greased, divided few times, like we’re all in place. And it was so funny because I said, I just want to see how many beaches I can dispute on. So I don’t even know what

Daniel Rosen 25:14
that is so cool. Okay, what is your definition of success?

Robin Sobomehin 25:19
My definition of success, honestly, at this point is just knowing that staying within my means that I am able to live my best life, and I’m living life on my terms. And that is really what success means there’s no dollar amount, it just feels good knowing that I’m in control of my life. And that’s, that’s really what that feels like. My success is being able to say, this is what I want to do. This is what I don’t want to do. That’s it, not having to answer to anyone, you know,

Daniel Rosen 25:49
and it must feel amazing to see the impact that you’re having in people’s lives. It is,

Robin Sobomehin 25:54
is, you know, it’s just such an amazing opportunity. And I’m so grateful. And still to this day, I don’t care how many clients that are sign up and process payments, every payment. I’m thankful and I say, thank you Grilli. I truly, truly mean that, you know, so I’m helping you, you’re helping me. That’s the way I look at it.

Daniel Rosen 26:15
So awesome. If you could go back in time, and tell yourself one piece of advice. What would it be?

Robin Sobomehin 26:23
Wow, that’s, I would tell myself to trust your intuition. And trust your gut and better yourself. Because you got this. You know, the old me was, you know, I’m not sure. But the new me you got this.

Daniel Rosen 26:40
Awesome. Awesome. I love that. And do you have any other advice for someone who’s just starting out with a credit repair business?

Robin Sobomehin 26:46
Yeah, absolutely. The advice that I would give honestly, is just make sure that you are doing your research, you have to be the expert. Be the expert in your field, and be sure that what you’re conveying is professional, you know, everything that you post online should be consistent with what you’re trying to convey, and just be consistent with it because people are watching.

Daniel Rosen 27:10
Yes, they are. Now, what’s next for you? Do you have plans to start more businesses write a book or what’s the next goal for you?

Robin Sobomehin 27:18
Absolutely. At this point, I can definitely call myself like a serial printer because we have invested into real estate we own a 12 unit apartment building with more to come. And I’ve also opened a loungewear line where I sell onesies. So yeah, I’m like in love with onesies. And so now we’re we’re selling them as well.

Daniel Rosen 27:39
Wow. That’s fantastic. Okay, one more question. How does it feel to be a credit repair millionaire?

Robin Sobomehin 27:46
It feels so good. So I want to I want to see what it feels like to be a multimillionaire. But yeah, it feels so good. I’m so excited.

Daniel Rosen 27:58
Well, I know you’re gonna be a multimillionaire that is common. And I have a really, really important question. When we have another credit repair Expo went once it feels safe, and we have another credit repair Expo. Will you come speak?

Robin Sobomehin 28:12
Yes, absolutely. Absolutely. I will set the last two and also excited. I have to tell you this real quick. So I saw so many men on the stage. I’m like, so many men, they need some women up there. I’m gonna be up there one day. I told myself I’m not gonna do that say so. Absolutely. Thank you.

Daniel Rosen 28:29
You will it to happen. You call your shot.

Robin Sobomehin 28:32
Yes, indeed. Thank you.

Daniel Rosen 28:34
Thank you. I want to thank you so much for your time today. Robin. This was a lot of fun. Did you have fun?

Robin Sobomehin 28:39
I did. I truly did. Okay, good. Good.

Daniel Rosen 28:43
Congratulations again on joining Millionaire’s club. I wish you continued success. And everyone out there. If you are enjoying this podcast, be sure to click Subscribe so you don’t miss any of the inspiring stories, industry news, financial tips, and entrepreneurial advice that we share every week here on the credit repair business secrets podcast. And if you’re feeling kind do me a favor, write me a review. Give me a thumbs up give me five stars. Help us move up the charts, leave a comment or ask a question, because I read each and every one of them. And I will see you on the next episode. And until then be a credit hero and keep changing lives. Hey everybody, it’s Daniel again. And really quick. I’d like to invite you to join what I believe is the best thing we have ever created inside the Credit Repair Cloud community. And it is a challenge that we call the credit hero challenge. If you’re just planning out your business or you’re just getting it started, and you dream of having a successful business of your own, so you can quit your nine to five and fire your boss and have financial freedom or so you can add another revenue stream to your existing video. This, if that’s your dream, you need to get into this challenge. We created this challenge to help you to create and launch your very own credit repair business to build a proper foundation for a really successful business. This challenge is going to help you to understand the strategy, the tactics, and all the things you need to be successful at credit repair. It really is the greatest thing we have ever built, and it will change your life. So I recommend you do it right now. Stop everything pause this audio, go online and go to creditherochallenge.com That’s creditherochallenge.com and join the next challenge. And there’s a challenge that starting in just a few days. So go get started right now at creditherochallenge.com

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