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How I Hit My 80,000 Chase Bonus in One Month


Please note: The 80,000 welcome bonus is no longer available.

Last fall, Chase offered a uniquely large welcome bonus of 80,000 points (worth up to $ 1,000) for signing up for the Chase Sapphire Preferred Card. Well, the marketing worked for me – I love exclusivity and a lot. I didn’t have a travel rewards card before and thought it would be a good time to start collecting points when international vacations are possible again.

To receive the bonus, you had to spend $ 4,000 in the first three months and sign up by November 8th. Well I signed up in November and just hit the bonus one month later. There is certainly no benefit in getting the bonus so quickly, except perhaps for your peace of mind. Obviously, I was excited and had little control.

Officially enough spent to earn the 80,000 point sign-up bonus on my @ Chase Saphire Preferred card … just one month after I signed up 👀💳🎅

– Danika Miller (@DanikaMillerRV) December 15, 2020

80,000 bonus points setting

I was able to achieve the expenses required to earn the bonus with a combination of luck and intent. I made a few conscious decisions and rearranged the expenses I had planned for the year into these few months (e.g. for my apartment). But the seasonality of the deal that fell during the holidays undoubtedly helped earn the bonus so quickly. As well as some convenient medical procedures for me and my furry roommates.

My Taurus itself is absolutely prone to luxury and self-care. So the need to get the welcome bonus just encouraged me to think first and think later. If your financial habits are more frugal, here are some ways I can take advantage of the bonus that provides inspiration for your own minimum reward cards.

Christmas gifts galore

$ 1,050

One of the reasons I was confident I could meet the $ 4,000 spending requirement was because the offer was timely. I signed up for the record bonus in November which meant a few months of vacation shopping. A significant portion of my minimum spending was met by buying Christmas presents for my family and friends.

And my mothers Christmas shopping too

400 dollars

I also took the opportunity to pay for a family member’s Christmas shopping with my card. They would pay me back later and I would earn points for their expenses. If we were in the same shop together, I would only pay for our things together. Or if, for example, there was something on Amazon that my mother wanted to buy for my father but didn’t want him to see it on their shared Amazon account, I would buy it for them and also collect points for their purchase.

Seized the time of giving

$ 550

In the spirit of the holidays, I took the tab and paid it up several times. I would do takeout on family game nights, pay for the grocery or Costco run for my household, and buy coffee for the person in line behind me. My intentions weren’t entirely pure here and it added up to a significant portion of my welcome bonus spending.

I have a tooth crown

600 dollars

A blessing and a curse – my first tooth crown fell within my first month of receiving the Chase Card. The outlay costs after insurance were an important factor in receiving my bonus so quickly. And in case you’re curious, I floss every day! The doctor said it was probably genetic, thanks Dad.

Two of my cats have been neutered

300 dollars

Our two quarantine kittens should also be neutered in November. I used the Chase Sapphire card to pay for their operations which totaled a few hundred for the minimum spend. This was certainly another example of convenient timing.

I bought a television on Black Friday

$ 700

I took part in a Black Friday sale at Costco and bought a 65-inch 4K TV for my apartment. I already needed a television by the time I moved into my new apartment, and knowing that I would work toward some essential travel points by purchasing it definitely encouraged me to pull the trigger.

I’ve supported small businesses

400 dollars

The urge to help local restaurants take away and my need to spend a certain amount of money made for an expensive combination. I ordered free groceries and bought local goods knowing there was this added incentive. Let’s just say my local Thai place should dedicate a curry dish on my behalf.

Too long, not read?

A great credit card welcome bonus isn’t worth much if you don’t deserve it. When signing up for a card with a tempting offer, think strategically about when you will have your earnings window and how you can match planned purchases or upcoming needs. I would also warn against breaking your budget to get the bonus if you cannot afford it. I was certainly more frugal after wasting this January – it’s worth it!

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