How a program administrator maintains its aggressive edge


Aside from being able to spin if market conditions call for a different course of action, REInsurePro uses the technology to stay one step ahead of its competitors.

“Technology is of vital importance to us and enables us to react very quickly and completely secure a location [in] Seconds through the use of technology and data points. We pull nearly a thousand data points for each location before we even agree to insure them, and we can do that in less than a minute. In addition, our technology platform is so smooth, so easy for [our agents] to use, ”said Woedl.

Regarding the impact of COVID-19, he believes the company’s real estate investment program will be driven by the response of insurance companies to incoming claims as well as eviction issues with some properties.

“On the real estate forms that we use as commercial real estate forms, all have a full bacteria and virus exclusion, as well as rental or business income, so that this coverage is triggered. There must actually be material damage to the property. And that is largely the same for most of the commercial property policies available to investors, ”said Woedl.

Recognizing the importance of cover for disasters such as earthquakes, terrorism and political violence, he said REInsurePro is working to educate investors about the tools that are useful to them.

“We do this through our sales agent partners by helping them understand how important it is for them to sit down with each of these investors and figure out what their business model is in order to design their coverage package and make it unique to them . ” he said.

He added that excellent sales agents are passionate about the industry, don’t take short cuts and are committed to working with every investor client to adequately cover risk so that they are real advisors to investors in this niche market.

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