Eight Thanksgiving Groceries That Value a Lot Extra This Yr


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One thing that many families may not be grateful for this November 25th is the price of the food.

Inflation continues to gobble up more of our paychecks, with the latest federal data showing that food prices were up 4.5% from last year at this point in time.

And unfortunately that is only an overall number. Certain Thanksgiving staples have seen even bigger price hikes over the past year.

When planning your Thanksgiving meal, be prepared to spend more money or find replacements for the items below – or just skip them off this year’s menu.

1. Butter

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It’s hard to imagine a Thanksgiving meal without butter – everything from stuffing to cakes and cornbread to mashed potatoes uses the stuff, and it’s often found in many other popular recipes.

On October 29, the USDA announced that the average advertised price for 1 pound of butter in major supermarkets across the country was $ 3.36, up 7% year over year.

2 eggs

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As with butter, eggs are found in a wide variety of Christmas baked goods – not to mention these delicious devil eggs.

The average advertised price for a 12-pack of USDA Grade A Large White Eggs is up to $ 1.26, up 14.5% year over year.

3. Cranberries

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Pass the cranberry sauce over, even if it’s expensive.

The typical 12-ounce bag of the berries will cost around $ 2.29 this year, according to the latest USDA data. At this point in time, that is 7.5% more than in the previous year.

4. Potatoes

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Who is not grateful for a plate full of these carbohydrates on Thanksgiving? However you prepare them, expect to pay more.

The price per pound of Russet potatoes is up to $ 0.97, a 21% increase over the previous year.

The price per pound of other varieties of potatoes tracked by the USDA has also increased.

5. Turkey

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Unfortunately, the holiday heart also fell victim to inflation.

The price of a whole frozen turkey is up to $ 1.13 per pound for hens (female turkeys) and $ 1.15 for tomcats (males), up about 14% and 16% increases for the Year corresponds.

6. Ham

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For those who prefer pork to poultry on Thanksgiving, or think they could save this year by switching this year, the news is much worse.

The cost per pound of a spiral ham is now $ 2.62, a staggering 63% increase from last year.

7. Apples

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And what should you serve as the culmination of the meal? Good old apple pie? Many apple varieties that are commonly used for baking are more expensive this year.

Granny Smith apples are currently priced at $ 1.29 a pound, which is an increase of about 17%. The classic Honeycrisp variety costs $ 1.95 a pound, up about 15%.

8. Ice cream

ice creamart nick / Shutterstock.com

Lots of people enjoy a nice slice of apple pie à la mode, and that means we’re screaming about the price of ice cream too.

The typical ice cream cone is now $ 3.13, a 10% increase from last year.

Food the price of which has not increased dramatically

Thanksgiving mealRawpixel.com / Shutterstock.com

A lot is more expensive this year, but there is still a lot to be thankful for.

We found that federal data shows that cheese and milk are actually the same or cheaper compared to last year.

The price of sweet potatoes has only shifted 1 cent per pound since last year.

Green beans have dropped from $ 1.86 last year to an average of $ 1.69 per pound.

The pumpkins used for cakes are also much cheaper this year than they were last year: averaging $ 0.58 per pound compared to $ 1.52 per pound.

And if you’re stuck with apple pie, try Fuji apples, which are 20 cents a pound cheaper than last year.

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