Eight Shocking Options That Increase Your House Worth


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There are many ways to add value to your home without having to tackle expensive remodeling projects.

In fact, many renovation projects do not even pay off themselves, as we describe in detail in “11 house renovations with the worst payouts”.

So instead of hiring a contractor, focus on the things you can do yourself – and appreciate the things that could add value to your home without you having to do anything.

Below are some surprising things that can add value to your home.

1. A Starbucks nearby

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You cannot control when a new Starbucks coffee shop opens within your zip code. But every time you do this, it will add to the value of your home, according to a 2018 study by Harvard Business School.

Adding a Starbucks to a neighborhood within a given year has been linked to a 0.5% increase in neighborhood home prices, researchers found.

Researchers found that home values ​​increase by the same percentage every time a new Starbucks opens. So if you own a $ 300,000 home and open two Starbucks nearby, your home value should increase 1%, or $ 3,000.

2. A black front door

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Painting your front door a black shade can increase the selling price of your home by an average of $ 6,271, according to a 2018 analysis by real estate website Zillow.

No other combination of color and surface has driven sales prices nearly as much as shades of black on a front door. The second strongest combination – light taupe and similar shades in living rooms – increased sales prices by an average of $ 2,793, according to the analysis.

3. Your neighbor’s lawn

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Sometimes it is not enough to just take care of your property. A poorly maintained lawn next to or across the street from your home can make your property less attractive. This is bad news, especially if your home is up for sale.

If you have a neighbor whose lawn is messy, offer to mow the neighbor’s lawn!

4. New ceiling lights

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When people spruce up their homes, they often overlook the ceiling lights in bedrooms and hallways. It is not enough that the light covers are functional. If they are cracked or discolored, they will make your home look worn and dated.

Jacksonville, Florida real estate agent Bryne Duren tells Money Talks News that anything that makes your home look brighter, brighter, and cleaner can add value.

Lighting covers are usually inexpensive to replace. Don’t forget to make sure that your hallway light covers fit together.

5. New light switch and socket covers

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Sometimes it’s the little details that add value to a home.

Discolored or cracked light switch and socket covers can make your home look neglected. Arlington, Virginia real estate agent Jeremy Browne told Money Talks News that replacing these covers is an easy way to make your rooms look better.

They are usually inexpensive to replace.

6. New bath seal

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An unsightly bathroom reduces the value of your home. The seal around your shower and bathtub protects your bathroom walls from leaks. When sealant molds and cracks, it is a turn off for guests and potential homebuyers. The exchange will noticeably improve the appearance of your bathroom.

“It makes sense to do this given the minimal cost,” San Diego real estate agent Gary Kent told Money Talks News.

Sealant is relatively easy to replace. It takes patience, but no special skills. You can use a caulking gun for larger jobs, but caulk is available in squeezable plastic tubes for smaller projects. Just note that you need to remove the old material before you can apply new sealant.

7. Tightened doorknobs and hinges

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Nothing says neglect than a door that is loose or rattles when opened. If potential buyers think your front door is out of the ordinary, don’t expect them to make you offers for your home.

One inexpensive and easy way to add value is to make sure all door handles, locks and hinges are in good condition, reports Forbes. This does not require any special knowledge and a screwdriver may be the only tool you will need.

8. A tree house

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After all, adding a tree house to your home will increase both your fun and your bottom line.

Houses with this child-friendly function are sold for 2.2% more than expected, according to Zillow.

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