Eight Issues Folks Purged From Their Lives In the course of the Pandemic


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The COVID-19 pandemic has brought the lives of millions of Americans to a standstill. But some people used the extra time as a chance to wipe the board clean.

With the entire nation being forced to stay home, many of us apparently decided that we were tired of seeing so much confusion. So we did a purge binge.

A recent Wells Fargo survey found that nearly two-thirds (63%) of the bank’s credit card customers performed “pandemic cleans” to get rid of things they no longer needed. Below are the things that they cleaned up the most frequently.

8. Friends

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Getting friends out of your life is rarely a good idea. But there are exceptions to the rule, especially when relationships become toxic.

Unfortunately, 21% of respondents admitted that they cleaned up relationships with friends during the pandemic.

7. Playroom / children’s room

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Pandemic or not, parents know cleaning up the kid’s room is a constant cleanup. Unsurprisingly, 23% of respondents cleaned up the contents of that room of the house during the pandemic, according to the Wells Fargo poll.

For more tips on taming this mess, see 5 Ways To Clutter Your Child’s Stuff.

6. Social media friends

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As mentioned earlier, in the real world, in general, it’s best to avoid real friends if you can. But it looks different online.

Social media can be a wonderful way to keep in touch. But it can also make you unhappy. So it can make sense to reduce the number of “friends” on Facebook and other websites. Apparently, 29% of people agreed with this opinion during the pandemic.

5. Finances

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No, you don’t want to destroy money. In fact, that’s the last thing you want to delete.

But you might want to streamline your finances or clear your wallet. About a third (33%) of people did just that amid the pandemic, the Wells Fargo poll found.

For advice, see “10 Ways To Simplify Your Finances And Enrich Your Life”.

4th garage

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If you don’t have an attic or basement, chances are most of your clutter will end up in the garage. Millions of us seem to be quickly fed up with squeezing our cars among all the trash, with 44% clearing items from our garages during the pandemic.

If you are planning on joining the crowd, check out “5 Steps to an Organized and Functional Garage”.

3. Home office / personal files

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Americans left corporate offices and went into home offices during the pandemic. The sudden need to work from home turned once lean and clean spaces into a mess.

Almost half (47%) of us removed things from our home office in the past year, according to a Wells Fargo survey. For more tips on optimizing your home office, see 4 Home Office Tools That Experienced Remote Workers Recommend.

2. Pantry / kitchen

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It’s so tempting: you see a great gadget and dream about how it makes meal preparation a breeze. So buy it – just to be able to quickly find out that your dream machine is gathering dust and taking up space.

At least you’re not alone, as more than half (54%) of people washed up kitchen items during the pandemic.

1. Cabinets

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How many of us have items of clothing that haven’t hung from the hanger in years? Almost three quarters (72%) of pandemic cleaners threw clothes out of their closets in the past year.

Do you want to avoid another similar closet clean in a few years? Shop a little smarter for your clothes. You can find advice in “10 mistakes when buying clothes that cost you”.

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