Easy, Achievable New Yr’s Resolutions That Will Make You Richer


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Losing weight, exercising more, spending less, paying off debts: All of the common New Year’s resolutions that many meet but few keep.

Changing the habits of a life is not easy. However, using some simple tools increases the likelihood.

This week “money!” Podcast, we’re going to explore some wealthy New Year’s resolutions and, more importantly, we’re going to talk about some ways we can get on and stay on the right track. Who knows? This could be the year you finally build that emergency fund, plan a successful retirement, destroy that debt, or otherwise make yourself wealthier. And maybe you will find that if you do it right, you will win without pain!

As always, my co-host will be financial journalist Miranda Marquit.

Sit back, relax, and hear the “Money!” This week. Podcast:

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