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PRESS RELEASE. The blockchain company DRepublic has announced the introduction of its innovative combinable NFT platform MetaCore and the NFT product Legoot with the new EIP-3664 modularity.

Developer of the blockchain MMORPG game “Cradles: Origin Of Species” DRepublic have now developed the first combinable NFT platform MetaCore using the new EIP-3664 modularity. With this groundbreaking new technology, DRepublic has also developed the first combinable NFT product: Legoot, and at the same time opened up a whole new world of possibilities both in the NFT area and in the entire blockchain industry.

What is EIP-3664?

EIP-3664 is the next infrastructure layer for NFTs and on-chain development and brings notable functional improvements over the previous standards 1155 (multi-token) and 721 (non-fungible token). The most relevant further development that EIP-3664 offers are its disaggregation and assemblage properties, which allow any combination of all NFTs. The main features of EIP-3664 are its combinable, separable and modifiable attributes that can be used for any type of NFT operations over the blockchain.

Users can now use EIP-3664 to create an infinite number of different products without having to repeat the work. This level of customization opens the door to extensibility of Metaverse ecosystems and NFT assets for the first time.

MetaCore: NFT identity system

the MetaCore Platform is an identity system and Layer 2 ecosystem that enables all Metaverse citizens to join alternate Metaverse using a unique MetaCore identity. With the ability for citizens to be connected to multiple metaverse, the potential for creatives to participate in cross-chain / open source community collaboration is exponential.

Imagine a new generation of multi-element NFTs that are not tied to the constraints of individual static image elements, with almost unlimited degrees of adjustment and disaggregation. The MetaCore identity attribute is this gateway and the next advancement of combinable modular NFTs with any attributes adding and removing, whereby each component is freely combined and shared.

MetaCore uses smart blockchain contracts that allow users to sign contracts with others to set their own specific terms and conditions, all of which are traceable through the blockchain. The MataCore login ID also replaces the outdated password login standard and has already been used by. supports Weighing: origin of species, and Lego.

Legoot: The real LEGO loot

NFT loot boxes are currently a hot topic, but only offer NFT prices with very limited functionality. MetaCore is already adapted to several Metaverse blockchain games and Legoot, a loot-like project that aims to harness the full power of EIP-3664 to enable alterable loot props.

To date, NFT items have had a unique purpose and value, but the Legoot NFT assembly toy allows you to freely assemble and disassemble your own pieces that can be sold individually.

Think of Legoot as real NFT LEGO that players can use to get to MetaCore for NFT digital identity purposes, such as: B. disassembling NFT weapons items into several parts for retail sale.

Weighing: origin of species

Weighing: origin of species is a prehistoric blockchain MMORPG game with the potential to disrupt the entire blockchain game world through the power and unique functionality of EIP-3664. These new NFT attributes for games can be grouped into four categories

  • Changeable Attributes: NFT Attack Power and Life Value, both of which can be decreased or increased.
  • Transferable Attributes: NFT attributes can be transferred to other NFTs in the event of destruction or other circumstances.
  • Upgradeable Attributes: Players can pay a fee for upgrading / increasing their NFT level, accompanied by increasing other attribute values.
  • Evolvable Attributes: NFTs that automatically evolve over time and simulate the time attributes in the real world so that NFT has the characteristics of time variation.

Limitless possibilities

These unique new attributes are just a glimpse of what the EIP-3664 and MetaCore in an NFT context. The flexibility of this versatile architecture offers unlimited possibilities for expanding the NFT functions. Previously, users could buy an NBA player card, for example, but now have a complete team NFT with numerous individual players, all of which can be dismantled for retail sale and have different functions and statistics.

EIP-3664 Smart Contracts can be reused as building blocks to create an infinite number of new use cases for blockchain technology that go beyond the theoretical. MetaCore is now looking for NFT game collaborations as its explosion into the Metaverse begins. All functions are now available on Legoso that users can create their first combinable NFT.

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Contact name: Tib Palin

Contact E-mail: tib@cradles.io

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