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This energy showed up early on. Williams graduated six months early and was on-campus recruited for her chosen profession. The use of human knowledge, drive and curiosity has supported Williams in his 33-year career and in several positions at two top insurance employers.

Williams works in Claims, Sales and Service and has her dream job. Responsible for over 50 employees in a remote role that enables Williams to work from home, she can stay very connected with her employees, other departments within the Hartford group and her valued customer base.

“My claims sales and service team works with underwriting, risk engineering, agents and brokers, and Hartford’s top VIP distribution partners to provide an advisory claims service,” Williams said. If the dynamics stand in the way of an effective flow of communication between these different areas, meeting customer needs will not be as effective. The bottom line, Williams stated, is that a collaborative approach is key to making sure everyone is working toward the same goal.

Williams told Insurance Business that, in addition to other upcoming priorities on her demanding work agenda, she looks forward to participating in the upcoming Women in Insurance Texas 2021 round table discussions.

Role of technology

During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, many industries were forced to use every available technology to ensure that many employees could continue to work from home. The insurance sector was no exception.

Williams is quick to point out that she was ahead of the times when it came to adopting available technology to enable a remote workforce. Working completely remotely for years before the pandemic, Williams knew the value of video conferencing technology and used it on a daily basis to be successful at her job.

“I’ve been working remotely for over eight years, using all different conference platforms,” she said. The technology available enables “people to work together to share knowledge,” Williams said. “By using the available platform, it helps create a positive work environment that promotes employee satisfaction, which then leads to a high-performance culture and ultimately a more positive customer experience.”

Does Williams believe the remote work and tech rank in the industry will continue? “Absolutely,” she replied. COVID has proven that employees can work from home and still achieve a very high level of performance.

Unique challenges for women in the industry

The life of a working woman can often have its troubles, no matter what position or industry a woman works in. Williams is aware of this unwritten reality. It points to factors specific to women, such as the compatibility of family and work, family dynamics, gender norms and social pressure.

“For many women as primary caregivers, long commutes and inflexible working hours are not necessarily feasible,” she explained. “Often there is also a lack of opportunities in the workplace to do committed things that are important for your well-being.”

Equal opportunities and inclusion are also issues that directly affect women. Williams has taken her own steps to address inclusion by running the Black Insurance Professional Network. Women can attend events and have the opportunity to discuss various resources that are available to them, such as flex work programs.

The Williams employer continues its efforts to help employees by providing additional resources such as access to online parenting courses or online information about childcare providers in their community.

“I believe The Hartford is an ethical company with core values ​​that align with mine,” said Williams, highlighting how she was given the opportunity to balance her children’s needs and allow her to expand her skills while adding the experience build her career the way she imagines it.

How about meeting customer needs?

“The customers are the reason we’re here. It is our raison d’etre to serve our customers and create the best customer experience, ”Williams replied.

The Women in Insurance Texas 2021 conference is just another opportunity for Williams to provide solid advice and lead by example.

“I look forward to the panel where I speak – all day – and in contact with other women and keynote speakers,” she said.

With a collaborative spirit and undeniable energy, there is no doubt that Williams will be well received by her peers. It would be hard to imagine that a little of that energy wouldn’t rub off on those around them.

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