Credit score Restore 2020 vs Credit score Restore 2021 (A Look Again. A Look Forward)


Are you ready for the new year? Next week we welcome 2021 and as I reflect on this past year and look forward to the next one, I want to take a minute to say, 


“THANK YOU for being part of Credit Repair Cloud, listening to the podcasts, getting involved and changing lives as we grow the Credit Hero movement together!” 


Some of you listening may have been with me for years, some of you might already be right here on our millionaires wall, and some of you are brand new to credit repair. 


All are equally exciting which is why each year I’ve added in new opportunities, software features, upgrades, free training, and so much more which is why we’re the Category King of credit repair software!


No matter how long you’ve been with us it’s all thanks to YOU!  


So in this article, we’re going to take a look back at how far we’ve come together in 2020 and give you a peek at not only where we’re going, but what to expect the entire credit repair industry to do in 2021. 


One of the opportunities we added in 2020 was the Credit Hero Challenge, where we hold you by the hand as you start your own credit repair business in just 14-days.


As I think back to January 2020, my team and I worked day and night around the clock to create the challenge and I hoped it would make an impact but, I had NO idea how much it would be needed!


And then we were all hit with the pandemic in March, April, May…


And as every month came and went, the world stopped, families hit financial ruin, and our nation dealt with the biggest financial crisis any of us have ever gone through as COVID19 shook us all.  


That’s when I realized the Credit Hero Challenge wasn’t just a program to help the Credit Repair Cloud community…


It was a program that would create a movement and change our nation, One #CreditHero at a time. 


See, what I’ve come to realize over the past couple months is, people need you more now than ever before.


According to current public stats (and the effects of COVID19 have only just started to hit the economy) 46 Million Americans have been financially devastated by the pandemic.


That means 46 million potential clients need you to be ready in the new year!


Just to help put that in business terms let’s look at a hypothetical…


If we took all those people who desperately need your help and divided them amongst our current Credit Heroes…


And If they were all paying an average of $97 per month, each and every Credit Hero would make an average of $719,600 recurring revenue each month!


AND our nation would be completely transformed as millions of families would be helped and given financial peace of mind. 


Isn’t that amazing? 


But what does it mean to be a Credit Hero?


It means you



And change lives EVERY DAY!


And guess what? 


Thousands of you are out there doing it! You’re living as Credit Heroes and changing a ton of lives!


I know this because we crossed a HUGE milestone this year when YOU our Credit Heroes made over 100 million dollars in revenue using Credit Repair Cloud!


Isn’t that incredible? That was a HUGE win in 2020!  


Plus, several NEW Credit Heroes were inducted into the Credit Repair Millionaires Club for making over a million dollars in their credit repair business using CRC software!!


And to help support you as you grow your businesses, I launched our Credit Repair Business Secrets podcast which thanks again to YOU reached the top 100 in entrepreneurship podcast downloads! 


AND we added in a ton of awesome new features like the letter finder that saves everybody a ton of time and makes fighting for your client’s so much easier! 


AND we made it in the INC 5000 for the second year in a row!!


I mean, for a guy that came from nothing, homeless on the streets of LA at 13, juggling just to be able to eat that day, to now being surrounded by Credit Heroes who are out there changing the world every day is absolutely amazing!! And I can’t help but take a minute to celebrate this year with you!


It’s been a crazy year in a lot of ways, but you’ve also made it a great one here at Credit Repair Cloud! 


So, what’s coming next year? 


Well, we’ve got a ton of super awesome new top secret projects coming up and I can’t wait to reveal them to you throughout the year.


But, just a sneak peek, we’ve got new free trainings, workshops, resources, coaching and so much more that’ll roll out in 2021.


And the software – well, it’s going to be SO amazing what we’re doing will totally blow your mind! I can’t tell you now because we don’t want the news to fall into the wrong hands – but keep a look out because it’s going to be awesome!


As for the credit repair industry as a whole – as Credit Heroes you’ve never been needed more than you are right now. 


Statistics out there are alarming and we’re just now starting to see some effects of the pandemic on American family’s finances. 


I’m talking stats you can find with a quick Google search like: 


  • In 26 states more than 1 in 5 households are behind on rent. 


  • Bankruptcies have increased.


  • 14% of Americans (that’s 46 Million people) wiped out their emergency savings due to the pandemic.


  • 53% of American’s say that they don’t have enough savings to cover a $400 unexpected expense.


  • And a record number of people are behind on credit card payments as they’ve had to prioritize what bills to pay. 


If you want to change lives and make a great living in the process, America NEEDS you to be ready for what’s coming in 2021. 


These aren’t just statistics, they are families that won’t be approved for a home, car, ` phone, loan or if they are, they’ll be taken advantage of by the system that we fight against! 


That’s why the Credit Hero challenge is so important. This is the first program I’ve ever created that walks you by the hand as we launch your credit repair business together in just 14 days so that you are ready to serve and change lives FAST! 


We do this by focussing on three areas:


  1. Education


You’ll become the EXPERT in credit repair as you stand on the shoulders of industry giants and learn over 40 years of credit repair knowledge in just 14-days. 


You’ll learn the basic AND advanced disputing techniques so you can get RESULTS on your first try. 


You’ll understand all legal aspects of starting and running a credit repair business so you can avoid the costly mistakes everyone else makes.  


And you’ll earn 3 credit repair certifications to create instant credibility as you proudly display and share them with your leads and new customers. 

  1. Mentorship and Accountability


You’ll receive regular live coaching and accountability calls allowing you to stay motivated and get real time answers as you work through the challenge.


And our strategically designed daily assignments keep you moving toward your goals as you celebrate accomplishments each day. 


Plus my morning accountability messages remind you what you need to do, why you’re doing it, and how to WIN. 


And the daily videos help you easily understand credit repair concepts, get clear on what you need to finish each day, and drive your goals forward. 


  1. Community


You’re not in this alone! 


Our Credit Hero Challenge private Facebook community allows you to share your journey with others going through the same things you are!


Inside the community you’ll find encouragement, inspiration… and maybe your new best friend or business partner!


Plus, any time there’s big news, freebies, updates, or anything else I wanna share with you – I’ll hop on LIVE to chat with you first! 


Even if your friends or family don’t understand your journey, this community surrounds you in a 14-day magic bubble so you can accomplish your dream WITHOUT getting discouraged. 


We’ve already had hundreds of Credit Heroes graduate and their results have been amazing! 


So as I look back at 2020 with gratitude for YOU and all we’ve accomplished together, I also look forward to 2021 with excitement at all you’ll accomplish AND with a burden of responsibility to help you not miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to make this year your best year ever and help the millions of Americans who so desperately need you in the process! …


We’re starting a new group in just a few days so sign up at before doors close!


Dangerous Credit Repair Business Lie #1: 

“Focus first on building your business and making money.”

Jeff Bezos, the richest man on the planet, famously credits his incredible success to “Always putting the customer first”…

And he’s right. 

If you focus only on building your business and making money, you may have some success, but it’ll be nothing compared to how huge your business could grow if you focus on changing lives. 

I know this is true because it’s exactly what happened with Credit Repair Cloud. 

When I stressed over every penny and focused on chasing the money, we were stuck. The company didn’t grow. But then when I realized all the lives that could change if I really focused on helping people, we started to have huge growth, month after month. 

The same will be true for your business. The potential you have to grow beyond what you can imagine will only ever be realized IF you focus on your client’s and changing their lives. 

The revenue will always follow because dollars follow value. 

Add value to your clients and community, and the money will follow. 

Dangerous Credit Repair Business Lie #2: 

“Sometimes you need to bend the rules to get credit repair results.” 

The credit repair industry is regulated at both a state and federal level. So in other words, the Federal Government has rules you need to follow and each individual state has its own set of rules as well. 

At a federal level, the Credit Repair Organization Act is the law of the land. Under CROA, it says you cannot lie or advise others to lie about their credit history, you cannot alter identities, misrepresent services or charge people before the work is complete. 

CROA also mandates specific requirements your contract must adhere to such as the payment amount, description of services, an estimate of how long the service takes as well as two identical notices of cancellation. 

On a state level, every state is different. 

Some states have no requirements while others are pretty strict. Some of the things you want to make sure you know about for the states you have clients living in are: 

  1. Does the state require a bond? 
  2. Does the state require specific disclosures in your contract?
  3. Does the state require CSO registration?
  4. Does the state require a minimum refund period?
  5. Does the state require a specific term or limit on what you can charge.

To learn more about the specific compliance regulations you need to follow, you can check them out at 

The third and final dangerous lie out there is:

Dangerous Credit Repair Business Lie #3 “I can stretch the truth as needed to get leads.”

What does that mean exactly? 

I think we’ve all seen examples of this at one time or another. It may be an ad or video that says, “Guaranteed 100+ point increase in 30 days or less”… or “We’ll get all your negative items deleted in 30 days or less – now matter what they are!”

Aside from the obvious reason it’s best not to mislead your potential new clients, there’s also danger involved in making claims that can’t be backed up by consistent results. 

Regulators are known to go after credit repair organizations that make deceptive statements, false promises or imply they can do more than they truly can. 

It’s VERY important that you make sure your website, sales script, social media, marketing materials and advertisements are free of any kind of misleading or deceptive information. 

The FTC and other consumer watchdogs who judge your content, judge it  based on the overall “net impression” of whatever you’re saying. 

This means they look at what the content says or shows from the viewpoint of the audience you are trying to reach. If your content is part of the consumers decision to buy from you and it’s not transparent and truthful, you could run into dangerous problems. 

Also be cautious about offering resources, results, or content that generally seems too good to be true. 

  • The following should be off-limits to every Credit Hero:
  • Credit sweeps
  • New identities
  • Tradelines
  • Overnight results
  • Guaranteed credit scores 

…and all the other scams and gimmicks out there promise anything not taught through Credit Repair Cloud’s trainings. 

In the end, the TRUTH is, there has never been a better time to start, run, and grow a profitable credit repair business. AND there’s NO reason to bend or break the rules, or do anything that would put you or your business in jeopardy. 

So if you wanna know more about compliance, regulations, disputing, how to start and grow a credit repair business AND you wanna learn from myself and other experts in the credit repair industry, then I invite you to join the upcoming Credit Hero Challenge where we’ll walk you by the hand as you launch your credit repair business in just a couple of weeks even if you HAVE no experience in credit repair or as an entrepreneur.



Be sure to subscribe on your favorite platform below!


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