Chapter instances fell dramatically in 2021, however new challenges await, and listed below are some cash objectives to think about for 2022


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“Companies that don’t offer this are missing out”: Hybrid home / office work equates to a 10% pay increase, says the Stanford economist

The flexibility of working remotely has increasingly become a means of attracting talent. Continue reading

“The slowdown in job openings is a natural response to the worsening pandemic.” But this industry has suffered more than others

About 4.5 million Americans quit their jobs in November – that’s a record rate of 3%. Continue reading

That mandate has helped reduce the risk of forest fires devastating buildings in California by 40% – so why not more states implement it?

As climate change increases disaster damage, research into public policies and market incentives is becoming increasingly important, a new paper says. Continue reading

COVID-19 Testing: Understanding the Difference Between PCR and Antigen Testing

Each one recognizes a different part of the virus, and how it works affects the speed and relative accuracy of the test. Continue reading

Are you having a hangover with vacation debt? Here are some money goals to consider for 2022

Perhaps your budget or savings plan fell out of the window, or you put your financial to-do list on hold. Continue reading

‘This really got out of hand’: My wife and I are in our 60s. Our will should have been routine – and it was, down to a macabre subject

“We were always on the same page in almost everything in life.” Continue reading

“2022 could be the year of financial settlement”: The number of bankruptcies fell dramatically in 2021, but new challenges await

Bankruptcies fell in 2021 after falling in 2020. Read more

The BMW 7 Series 2022: plush, indulgent and confident. Best of all, it’s extremely fast

It may seem strange to equip a large luxury sedan with the ability to be fun to drive. But that’s what BMW is all about. Continue reading

Why it might not be so easy to change jobs or careers now

Moving to a new job or field may require more new skills than you expected. So you can retrain. Continue reading

Elderly blind man victims of a $ 630,000 fraud perpetrated by a man who claimed to be the beneficiary of a multi-million dollar estate

Prosecutors say Clarence Rice falsely claimed to inherit millions, but only if victims helped pay off his debts. Continue reading

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