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Do you ever wonder why some people become so successful so fast? And others don’t? Is it luck? No, it’s belief, motivation and consistency. For a successful business, you have to believe that you can succeed. And you’ll have to become really motivated. You need to light a fire. Now, if you’re listening to this podcast or watching my YouTube videos, you’re probably here for one of two reasons. You want to repair your credit, or you want to make a business out of it. And guess what? You can do both. And I’m going to show you how so you better stick around.  So the big question is this, how can we take our passion for helping people with their credit, and turn it into a successful business without taking loans without spending a fortune by bootstrapping it from nothing? So we can help the most people and still become highly profitable? That is the question, and this podcast will give you the answer. My name is Daniel Rosen, and welcome to Credit Repair Business Secrets. Okay, if you are new to the Credit Repair Cloud Podcast, I’m Daniel Rosen, and this is my company, and I built my company from nothing. And I’m going to share my story in just a little bit. And if you love what you hear, be sure to click below to subscribe, so you don’t miss any of the secrets that I share each week. Here on the podcast. I cover topics like credit repair questions, how to remove bankruptcies charge off student loans, late payments, inquiries. Listen, if there’s something you want to learn about credit repair, I have already created a podcast episode about it, as well as running and growing your business and the journey into entrepreneurship. And I am so grateful for your support. And now I want to give back to you. Now, I also run a Credit Hero Challenge where I hold you by the hand as you launch your very own credit repair business. In it, you’ll learn a proven process that is created millionaires and changed hundreds of 1000s of lives. And you can learn more about that at In fact, let’s talk about one of those wins right now.  Every episode, I feature one of our credit heroes inside our Credit Repair Cloud Facebook community so that you can see first-hand what real people are doing as they launch and grow their business. And today’s spotlight is on Elsa Panetta. Elsa is the CEO of signature financial services in Texas. Now Elsa, she took the Credit Hero Challenge. And eight months later, she posted this, I will never forget this day met my goal of 100 clients. Wow, Elsa, congratulations. That’s a huge accomplishment. This should put you well into six figures. Elsa, I want you to know, I want you to know that I’m seeing everything you’re posting. And I’m seeing all the lives that you’re changing. And I want you to know how proud I am of you. And I bet very soon we’re going to be seeing you getting your Millionaire’s Club Award. And you know what, that will make me even more proud. Now I can see that Elsa is committed. She is a believer in the systems that she learned in the Credit Hero Challenge. She’s not afraid of hard work. She believed that she could do it. And we can see that it’s paid off for her. Elsa has 100 clients and her business is growing. So how do we get there? Well, let’s dive in. Today I want to talk about the power of belief. You have a choice. You can believe in yourself that you are here listening to this podcast for a reason. And that you are destined for greatness. Or you can believe that you’re not. And if you do that you’re going to stay exactly where you are in life. And that’s entirely up to you. But since you are here right now and you are listening, I want to believe that you want to be a successful entrepreneur just like Elsa. Well guess what? I’m going to tell you had to do it. The secret is the power of mindset. It’s believing that there is an over abundance of opportunity out there. And there’s more than enough opportunity to go around for everyone. Now, back when my credit was all messed up, and Bank of America Collections Department was calling and waking me up every morning. At that time. I felt like a total loser. I had started and failed at so many businesses and I didn’t think I could ever be successful. See, this is normal. We all have an inner voice inside of us, that tells us that we are not good enough that we can’t be successful. But you know what, when we start to push away those negative feelings when we start to believe, we can achieve amazing things. See, the goal is that to not get rid of all your negative thoughts and feelings, No, that’s impossible. I still have those feelings, I still get depressed. But the real goal is to change how you respond to those feelings.  So today, I’m going to show you a few different ways to do that. Now, many of you know my story. I was homeless at 13. And I juggled on street corners to make money to eat, because sometimes you got to do what you got to do to survive, right? Most of us have sat behind a desk or had to flip burgers, or do some customer service job for low pay. And we found ourselves in a daily nine to five grind, that has us working for other people and making other people rich. And this is keeping us from the freedom that we really deserve. All it takes is the power of belief. Now one of the most inspirational people in this space is someone you probably haven’t heard of. His name is how l rod he almost died in a horrible accident. When he was 20. He was hit head on by a drunk driver who was going 70 miles an hour, and how shattered 11 bones and he was dead for six minutes. And Helles parents were told that if he ever was to wake up from his coma, he might never walk again. And he’d probably have permanent brain damage. And do you know how his story ends? Who I’m going to tell you? How woke up from his coma six days later. And not only did he start walking again, he became an ultra marathoner. And then he wrote several best selling books, he became a keynote speaker at a number of events. And you know what, he even became a hip hop recording artist. Now, what did How do to get there? Well, he wrote about it in his famous book called the Miracle Morning, and I highly recommend this book. It is great. Now the Miracle Morning is a system that Howe created. And it’s all about transforming your life by following six simple steps that he calls savers. Here, let me show you I’ve got a chart. Okay, the S for savers. The first S is for silence, which means clearing your mind and starting your day in peace, whether it’s prayer, meditation, reflection, or gratitude. The A in savers is for affirmations. And I think that’s the most powerful part of this whole thing. Affirmations are positive statements that you repeat to yourself, to support yourself on the journey to success. It’s about making statements like, I can do this, I’m going to have 100 clients, or I’m going to be on that millionaire wall and CRC. See, these are all affirmations. And the more you repeat them and believe them, the closer you are to making them a reality. Now the V in savers is for visualization, which means closing your eyes and seeing the future that you can have by working towards your goals. Do you want that new car? Do you want that new home, this is why people create vision boards. And it’s why they they cut out photos and magazines of things that they want and they paste them up on the wall. And this really, really works because the more you visualize the more you convince yourself that these things you want the life you want. It’s all within your reach, and you know what it is? Now the E stands for exercise. A healthy body brings you a healthy mind. So you need to exercise every day in some way that works for you. And this is going to boost your energy. It’s going to improve your health. And most importantly, it’s gonna start to build your self confidence. Now the R in savers is for reading. Whether you read small articles about success stories, or the inspirational posts in our community, or if you read books like house, or even if you watch this podcast, all these things that you read or watch. They should be things that are going to help to inspire you to better your life. If that also means reading or watching everything you can about credit repair, then yes, do it. This is how so many of our millionaires have learned by taking our classes by watching this podcast, or by reading everything there is to learn about credit repair. We have written and visual components, all covering the same topics, which allows you to learn the way that works best for you. And the last s in savers is for scripting, which is also known as journaling. And this is so important. So take some time every day to document your goals, as well as your insights, your ideas, your successes, and the lessons that you’ve learned while you’ve been on this journey. Now, the thing is this whole process, it doesn’t have to be complicated. No, it doesn’t have to be time consuming. And you don’t have to spend more than a few minutes a day working on these things. They say it takes six weeks to create a new habit. And the best time to start is right now. Start to change your daily habits and begin to practice whatever it takes to believe in yourself and to see yourself as being successful. Because you can be you may have never felt like you could but that’s why I’m here. Because this is my journey to like I said earlier, I was a juggler, I was homeless on the streets, I worked my way into show business. And if you know anything about show business, you know, it’s not very kind to people, because there is zero stability in show business. And then one day a bank error messed up my credit, I nearly went bankrupt, I nearly lost my house, I nearly lost everything. I was 40 years old, and I felt like a loser. There were even days, I was so depressed, I couldn’t get out of bed. This situation though it was the spark that lit a giant fire of fire that’s still there every day. See, the bank error wasn’t my fault. So I spent time learning how to repair my credit. And in the process, I learned that so many other people were having the same trouble as me. And I wanted to help them. So I took these personal lessons, and I built a business out of it. But it took a whole lot of sweat and tears. Because my first business on credit repair, it was a big flop. But you know what I kept at it. And even though I was dead broke, I kept believing that this would work. And you know what, one day it just did. And now there are nearly 50, millionaires and 1000s of people who have quit their nine to five and fire their boss, all by using the system that I created to build their own futures and create their own success. Now, my initial goal, wasn’t to give people the tools to change their lives and become millionaires. No, that just happened with daily perseverance and really hard work. But now you have a shortcut, you have a framework, because of all the courses that we create here at credit repair cloud. And you also have software that reduces most of the work to just a few clicks. Now, looking back on my early days, I didn’t have any of this. But because I went through my journey, you now have all these tools. And I can confidently say that they work and so does the saver system, and so does having a belief system. And here at credit repair cloud, I am so invested in my team, and in our success, because I know it creates your success. And as a company, we do all the things that I’m talking about here. We start every morning meeting with a breathing exercise, we have monthly walking challenges, and I walk over to miles to work, we dream it because we know we can be it. And we know that you are next. So if you’re waiting for a sign to get started, this is it. If you’re waiting for a sign to keep going now is that time, start bringing in this system into reality and work it into your schedule and do it in a way that works for you. The most important thing is to be consistent. And remember, it’s not about listening. It’s about believing and doing and it’s also about executing. So if you want to get certified in disputing and launch your own credit repair business over just a couple of weeks, you need to join our credit hero challenge. It’s an amazing program that has helped 1000s of credit heroes to get their first clients to get certified in disputing and to gain the confidence they need to make this business idea more than just an idea. It’s now a reality for Elsa, and for so many other people who thought it never would be possible. But that’s sort of the point of this whole podcast, everything is possible. So stop daydreaming and start to define the person that you want to be and start living as that person right now, you got this, and I’m here to watch, you win. And I will see you in the next episode.  Hey, everybody, it’s Daniel again. And really quick, I’d like to invite you to join what I believe is the best thing we have ever created inside the Credit Repair Cloud Community. And it is a challenge that we call the Credit Hero Challenge. If you’re just planning out your business, or you’re just getting started, and you dream of having a successful business of your own. So you can quit your nine to five and fire your boss and have financial freedom or so you can add another revenue stream to your existing business. If that’s your dream, you need to get into this challenge. We created this challenge to help you to create and launch your very own credit repair business to build a proper foundation for a really successful business. This challenge is going to help you to understand the strategy, the tactics, and all the things you need to be successful at credit repair. It really is the greatest thing we have ever built, and it will change your life. So I recommend you do it right now. Stop everything pause this audio, go online and go to That’s and join the next challenge. And there’s a challenge that starts in just a few days. So go get started right now at


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