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Binance Drops Defamation Lawsuit In opposition to Forbes


The exchange filed a lawsuit against the centuries-old business magazine in November alleging a story by reporter Michael del Castillo (formerly CoinDesk) and contributor Jason Brett made false allegations. Binance attempted to pay Forbes damages and remove the item, but said in a file filed on February 4, 2021 that it would voluntarily dismiss the case unscathed (which means it is later free to promise another case for the same reasons raise).

In the new application, at least for the time being, it was not stated why Binance is withdrawing. A judge agreed to be released on the same day.

“Binance does not violate all applicable laws, rules and regulations in its operations and complies with them in full. Binance does not seek to evade or circumvent supervisory authorities in jurisdictions in connection with their role in complying with all laws, rules and regulations of their jurisdictions, ”the lawsuit states.

One of Binance’s attorneys on the case is Charles Harder, who released a press release when the lawsuit was filed. Harder is perhaps best known for representing pro-wrestler Hulk Hogan in his lawsuit against the Gawker website, which ultimately led to the bankruptcy of that media organization.

In a statement, Forbes Chief Communications Officer Matthew Hutchinson said, “As we said then and now repeat, we fully stand by our extensive reporting.”

Binance spokespersons did not immediately return requests for comments.

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