Arch Capital Group secures new president and CUO


In addition, Papadopoulo will oversee Arch’s strategy and innovation team.

“I am excited and humble to take on this new role and look forward to continuing to work closely with Marc, our strong leadership team and people across our organization,” said the senior executive.

“With Maamoun Rajeh as reinsurance; David Gansberg Leading Mortgage; our current insurance executive team, Matt Shulman, Hugh Sturgess, and John Mentz; I believe Jay Rajendra is a leader in strategy and innovation. We are well positioned to thrive in today’s marketplace and to continue our long history of management throughout the cycle. “

The position of president was previously held by the current head of the group, whose area of ​​responsibility is geared towards a long-term strategy.

Grandisson congratulated Papadopoulo on the “well-deserved promotion” and stated, “His insurance acumen is unmatched. As a founding member of our company, he has a proven track record in several high profile roles.

“Nicolas has a strong understanding of our business and by aligning our three segments under his leadership, we will benefit from additional focus and coordination as our company continues on its growth path. With Nicolas’ operational control of the segments, I can continue to focus on Arch’s long-term strategic priorities and nurture our unique corporate culture. “

With approximately $ 15.2 billion in equity as of September 2020, Arch offers insurance, reinsurance, and mortgage coverage worldwide through its wholly-owned subsidiaries.

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