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Anxious about retirement? Bounce down ‘one of many darkest rabbit holes’ and you will find loads of firm


It’s ugly these days – and getting uglier – for retired hopefuls.

Just look at the data. According to a recent study, the average household saving for Gen X is $ 64,000, and 81% of this cohort are concerned about funding their golden years. Coronavirus naturally makes it worse. Millennials, increasingly immersed in retirement funds to deal with the pandemic, have an average nest egg of just $ 23,000.

Aside from the numbers, take a look at this viral thread on Reddit for an even more unsettling sense of the darkness of the younger generations:

As one reader summed it up, “This comment area is one of the darkest rabbit holes I’ve ever come across.” Why? Comments like this maybe: “When people ask me what my retirement plan is, I always say, ‘Die I think,’ because that’s my actual retirement plan. “

And from then on it got even darker thanks to WaBearUltra: “My retirement is 12 gauge.”

CM0002 offered a certain ease and set out two possible directions the US could take from here: “We actually do get together and people don’t worry about such things” or “Society is collapsing in Mad Max”.

For him, “either way, win-win,” he said.

TheHarridan saw his “Mad Max” and raised him to “the apocalypse” with a side of Snark. “We are also much closer to the collapse of civilization than ever before,” he wrote. “When I’m 65, Florida will be underwater, drinking water will be more valuable than gold, and the population will have been decimated by COVID-42: Virulent Boogaloo.”

The laugh through the tears was definitely a major topic of the thread, and Sonofpam went along with it. “If I had the same essentials in my savings account as in my sauce packet drawer,” he wrote, “I could afford to hoard more Walmart WMT, -0.02% bags under my sink.”

But seriously, it’s not hard to see why there is so much “darkness” out there. According to a recent survey by Willis Towers Watson, the percentage of workers who live from paycheck to paycheck is 37%. Almost a quarter of respondents said their finances have worsened in the past six months, and 37% admit they cannot pay bills.

It’s not just the younger generation who worry about the uncertainty ahead. Of workers aged 50 and over, 25% said they will now retire later than planned, while 35% will retire at 70 or older.

No wonder that Salamdereere think outside the box. “My savings strategy: ‘If I buy this item will it have enough value to trade during the Water Wars, Impact, Economic Collapse, Solar Flair, etc?'” He wrote.

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