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4 Funding Concepts to Gasoline Progress in 2021 for Reinsurers


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To conclude our series on investment ideas for insurers for 2021, we will share some ideas for reinsurers.

Reinsurers have been under pressure to be nimble for some time. The need to invest in agility will remain in 2021. Since many sectors of the insurance market are under premium pressure due to the looming economic crisis, airlines can expect a higher supply volume, higher price pressure and the potential for a related premium reduction.

How can reinsurers weather the storm and come out stronger? We see four key games to be considered.

Improve service solutions through partnerships and automation: As carriers seek to make their underwriting processes more effective and efficient, and brokers look for higher bid volumes, the ability to deliver optional quotes quickly and efficiently will be a source of competitive advantage. Improvements to these services may include developing connectivity to major platforms such as Duck Creek, Guidewire, and Majesco to reduce data entry by insurers. and increased automation to enable faster decisions.

Strengthening property data management: Reinsurers are leaders in the insurance industry in assessing and managing real estate risks on a large scale thanks to their strong corporate risk management skills. With the ongoing explosion of new data sources and features, 2021 offers the opportunity to further improve the management of your real estate data. Leading network operators are switching to big data platforms on which real estate data can be saved, cleaned up and evaluated at the parcel, building and tenant level. This node structure enables the inclusion of different types of data at different levels and the use of AI algorithms to determine the most accurate information. By merging with new flood, weather and other models, network operators can take their data management to the next level.

Build innovative platforms to take advantage of new opportunities: One of the more interesting trends in reinsurance has been a growing willingness to move beyond the traditional role of backstop for insurance carriers. We are increasingly seeing reinsurers willing to support start-ups or program key insurances. With the emerging convergent opportunities created by superservices and bundled solutions, including insurance, the benefit of innovation will only increase. Reinsurers need innovative platforms that allow them to offer rating and pricing services to these groups in order to compete for these opportunities.

Mergers and acquisitions: The looming economic distress should accelerate the reinsurance consolidation we have seen. A “buyer’s market” is emerging. When you’re in a good position, economic pressures can help lower ratings and make certain goals more attractive. So think about whether the acquisition should be part of your 2021 strategy or not.

We hope this series has given you some investment ideas to keep in mind when planning for 2021. As 2020 has repeatedly shown, change is inevitable. The winners are those who can best adapt.

And if you need a partner to help you think through or achieve your goals, we’d love to hear from you.

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