10 Issues You Can Get for Free in January


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2022 is finally here, and those who have made sensible resolutions for the new year are in luck: We are starting the new year with lots of savings.

From a free three-day gym trial to free entry to the national park and buying one, get a free pizza and pasta deal, we’ve rounded up some of the best – and tastiest – deals available in January.

Read on to learn how you can start the year with fewer expenses. And for even more options, visit the Money Talks News Freebies page.

Free streaming of international content – ongoing

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A new streaming service – Globi – offers more than 500 hours of international content for free. You get everything from feature films to TV drama series, with most of the content exclusively available on the Globi platform.

For more information, see Free Streaming Service Offers 500 Hours of International Content.

Free delivery from Fatburger – until January 5th

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Here’s a tasty burger deal to grit your teeth on! In honor of the New Year, Fatburger is offering free delivery on all delicious items, from filling burgers and chicken sandwiches to plant-based options – and let’s not forget the fabulous french fries and hand-scooped milkshakes!

Find out more and order now.

BOGO pizza and pasta at Bertucci – ongoing

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Going with our free food theme, who can resist buying one, getting a free pizza and pasta? Bertucci’s offers BOGO pasta on Mondays and BOGO pizza on Tuesdays. The free selection must be of equal or lesser value and this appetizing offer applies to dinner, takeaway and delivery items.

Learn how to double your deliciousness.

3 days off at 24 Hour Fitness – ongoing

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The best way to avoid spending money on a gym? Give it a try before investing in a membership plan.

If you’ve set out to improve your health and fitness through strength training, cardio, and group fitness classes this year, you’re in luck. 24 Hour Fitness offers a free three-day trial – and discounts on select memberships – in its many clubs across the country. Sign up for your free pass.

Free Peacock Reward – Ongoing

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If you’re a Spectrum Internet customer, welcome to 2022 with up to one free year of Peacock Premium.

Cord Cutter News reports that Charter Communications and NBCUniversal have partnered to offer up to a year of Peacock Premium for free to those who have Spectrum TV. If you have Spectrum Internet you can get Peacock for free for 90 days.

To take advantage of the benefits, log into the Peacock website or log in to link it to your Spectrum account.

Free entry to the National Park – January 17th

Memorial to Martin Luther King JrAtomazul / Shutterstock.com

In honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, all National Park Service sites waived entry fees on January 17, the day the holiday falls this year.

If you’d like to pay tribute by exploring a park linked to the legacy of the celebrated civil rights activist, consider visiting one of the following locations:

  • The Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial in Washington, DC
  • The Selma to Montgomery National Historic Trail in Alabama
  • The Martin Luther King Jr. National Historical Park in Georgia

Free ride from Lyft for vaccination – in progress

elevatorRoman Tiraspolsky / Shutterstock.com

If transportation problems prevented you or someone you know from getting a COVID-19 vaccination, don’t worry. The Lyft guys got you covered.

They offer people in need free and discounted trips to and from vaccination centers. Book your ride now.

One Hidden Way to Get Free Amazon Shipping – Ongoing

Woman with Amazon packagesMarina Bakush / Shutterstock.com

When you’re ready to pay for Amazon Prime, you can place your orders with free shipping. But there’s a less obvious way to get free shipping without lowering the $ 12.99 monthly Prime fee or ordering $ 25 worth of stuff.

Curious? Discover the secret to economical free shipping in A Hidden Way to Get Free Shipping on Amazon.

Free Jr. Frosty all year 2022

WendysBWM Infinity / Shutterstock.com

Want a free Jr. Frosty with every Wendy’s purchase this year? Just pay $ 2 for a digital or physical Frosty Key Tag (proceeds will go to the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption) and get a cool and every time you dine at Wendy’s or visit the transit in 2022 creamy treats for free.

See the offer.

Free weekly credit reports – through April 20, 2022

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The start of a new year is a good time to take a look at where your credit status currently stands. The three major credit reporting agencies are offering access to free weekly credit reports through April 20th.

For more information, see “Free Weekly Credit Report Offer Extended For One Year”.

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